Armor & Production: Adventure Shields
  Are you an Adventurer in need of some proper protection? Drawing too much aggro and need something to keep you alive? Well, this nifty little item might just do that. Enter - Adventure Shields.      
  With the introduction of the Fixer/Adventurer patch some time ago, there are special adventurer-only shields around now - most can be found as loot on mobs, and covers all damage types, one shield for each. But there is also one that can be built from scratch using store-bought items and it's as easy as that!

What you will need are two things. Firstly, a Deflection Shield, which can be obtained from the Devices booth in any shop. You will also need a Neutron Displacer, which you can buy in the General Tools and Bases booth. You will need a Neutron Displacer of at least 50% QL of the Deflection Shield you want to convert. The Neutron Displacer is a multi-use item and will not vanish once used, so we warmly recommend that you get a high quality one.

Combining these two items by a simple process will make the finalized Adventure Shield. This - the first and only step in the process takes exactly 3.5xQL of the Deflection Shield in Quantum Physics skills to complete, and after that you will be the happy owner of a Adventure shield and prepared for any eventuality!

  + =   Adventure Shield
This 'portable high voltage protection shield made
especially for Adventurers,' should be placed in the utility inventory slots.

The Adventure shield itself can be placed in almost any available utils- or deck-slot, and used at will. It requires Parry-skill, so if you want to use it, be prepared to spend some IP into Parrying as well. Get out there and .. start.. Parrying? All the shield does when activated is block general dmg for a short time. Several Adventure Shields exist and can be found in the game, for various types of damage, but at this point there doesn't seem to be a way to produce these specialized versions.

The various specialized Adventure Shields can go in the Util 1-3 slots and protects against that type of damage for a short duration.

    Chemical Adventure Shield
    Fire Adventure Shield  
    Cold Adventure Shield     Poison Adventure Shield  
    Energy Adventure Shield     Radiation Adventure Shield  

Last updated 27.September 2002

Kzak, Atlantean

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