Armor & Production: Anti-Grav Unit
  If you're a clansman and wanting something original to wear in your backslot armor slot, this might be the option for you. The Anti-Grav Unit will take you to the skies and beyond!      
  The Anti-Gravity Unit is one of many 'oddities' out there. Unlike some of them though, this particular one, is rather nice and definitely a rare item to have attached to your back. You might not become the next Rocketeer but its a nice piece of armor nonetheless, noveltyitem or not.

The first item we'll need is a Juggernaut Antigravity Unit.

  Juggernaut's Antigravity Unit
A note on the unit says:
'To anyone finding this item: Use by untrained personnel is strictly prohibited, and may lead to severe injuries; possibly permanent death. Please deliver to the closest
Omni-AF station for destruction.

In order to get it though, we'll need to traverse some rather inhospitable Omni-Tek territory. You should be aware that the Omni-Tek personnel patrolling the area will attack you on sight.

This is our target for the day. Meet the Omni-Pol Command Juggernaut. This particular juggernaut can be found in Avalon at 2000 x 1200 at the Omni-Tek base.

Remember to bring your friends, since the Juggernaut itself is quite the highlevel mob (250) and the patrollers around it while not as high are numerous, so prepare yourself for some rather massive amounts of aggro. A good team or two with calmers will be welcome if you plan on dismantling the Juggernaut and get the Antigravity Unit.

Thankfully enough, the next item is nowhere near as hard to obtain - in fact, you can get one from any Advanced store in the Containers booth, or from any Container NPC trader. What's the item?

  Small Backpack
This is a small backpack used to store stuff in. This one can contain 10 kilograms.

Ahh.. brings back memories, doesn't it. Remember that first Small Backpack you had? Your family would decorate it in glimmering lights and gather around and go "oooh" and.. oh.. you don't remember th.. what do you mean I have a dysfunctional family!?

To make all your anti-gravitational dreams come true, simply attach the Juggernaut's Anti-gravity Unit to the Small Backpack and you'll get your fully functional Antigravity Unit.

  + =   Antigravity Unit
The antigravity field produced by this item makes you feel lighter. In addition it improves your general protection by making projectiles levitate and miss. Coordinating melee attacks inside the field is also hard.

A comparison might be in place here. We made the comparison between a QL200 Albrecht Tank Armor and a Heavy Notum Tank Armor.

Antigravity Unit

Chemical AC: 1100
Cold AC: 1100
Energy AC: 1100
Fire AC: 900
Melee AC: 1100
Poison AC: 1100
Projectile AC: 1100
Radiation AC: 1100

Vehicle Air +12
Quantum Physics +12
  Heavy Notum Tank Armor

Chemical AC: 1150
Cold AC: 1150
Energy AC: 1300
Fire AC: 1150
Melee AC: 1300
Poison AC: 1150
Projectile AC: 1300
Radiation AC: 1150

Melee Init +40
Ranged Energy +12
Melee Energy + 12
Brawl +12
Duck Exp +25
Dodge Ranged +25
Evade +40
Run Speed +40
Max Nano +180
Max Life +180
  Albrecht Heavy Tank Q200

Chemical AC: 250
Cold AC: 750
Energy AC: 1100
Fire AC: 875
Melee AC: 1100
Poison AC: 250
Projectile AC: 1100
Radiation AC: 250

Nano init +50
Nano pool +400
Psychology +20
Runspeed -50
Adventuring 100
Stamina 600
Level 190
Stamina 575
Strength 525
Level 190
Stamina 576
Strength 526

As you can see, the Antigravity Unit is no match for the sheer amount of bonuses from the Heavy Notum Tank, although compared to the Albrecht it does compare better, especially with the 1100 all-round AC's (except Fire AC). It also gives a bonus to Quantum Physics, so might be a good choice for the tradeskilling engineer out there, and of course the bonus to Vehicle Air might be a good choice if you plan on getting one of those Stiletto Yalmaha's on.

Last updated 01.September 2003

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