Armor & Production: Bronto Hide
  The Bronto does not only provide tasty and plentiful meat, but its hide is excellent for leatherwork! This guide will show you how to produce a full set of fashionable Bronto Hide Armor to impress your friends.      
  First, the tools of the trade. To finish this process from start to finish and actually process the raw material, our chief armorsmith says you need to have the two base components below in your toolshop. Creating bronto armor is relatively easy, but obtaining the tools to do so can be hard.

  A Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (Shape Soft Armor)
Quality level 60
  A Mass Relocating Robot
This is a small, advanced industrial robot.

Combining these two components is the easy part. Finding them is harder. The programmed photon particle emitter is of qualitylevel 60 and drops very seldom as random loot in missions. The best way to actually procure one is from boss-loot via team-missions. The team-mission needs to be of level 57-60, as the Boss is always a few levels above. A good tip would be to have a level 76 character roll up 20% difficulty missions for an exact match.

  + =   With both these components, you can produce a
Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Soft Armor)

The Mass Relocation Robot is easy to get, just hit a regular store and look for a booth called "General Tools and Bases". There are several types, but the only thing different is the Quality level - Regular, Advanced and High Quality (HQ)

Be wary of the quality level of the Mass Relocation Robot (MRR), as the finished product will decide how high quality armor you can make with it. Generally, you'll want a MRR of quality 40 or higher or you won't be able to make q200 armor.

The process takes exactly 2.5 times the QL of the MRR in Electrical Engineering, Nano Programming and Mechanical Engineering to achieve.

Now, with the tools of the trade in order we go on to the real work. To actually make Bronto Hide armor, we need some Hide...from a Bronto, not surprisingly. The lower quality hides are taken from Brontos - Young Brontos, Minibrontos, Bronto Mamas. Enlist a hunter, or look on the open market.

There are 6 different pieces of hide you can get, and each of these pieces go into making a particular piece of armor. A note of finding these pieces though. The brontos out in the wild will never drop high quality hides, as there simply aren't any high level Brontos. I think maybe the big Brontos choked on dust from a big asteroid hit thousands of years ago, becoming extinct. Bronto Mamas drop the highest pieces, around Q55-65.

    Large patch of soft bronto hide
Used for Pants
    Large patch of hard bronto hide
- Used for Chest
    Patch of soft bronto hide
- Used for Sleeves
    Patch of hard bronto hide
- used for Boots
    Small patch of soft bronto hide
- Used for Gloves
    Small patch of hard bronto hide
- Used for Hood

Higher quality pieces must be found from chest loot or even Boss loot.

Back to business - Before you can work the hides into the corresponding armor pieces, you need to prepare the hide. For that we use tanning, an ancient skill of preparing leather. Things are a little easier in the future though and all we really need for this process is a bottle of tanning acid. We'll go with a brand of a "B.B.I. - Nano Enhanced B-12 Tanning Acid" as that seems to work best, easily gotten from any Pharmacy and Chemistry Components booths in general stores. The tanning acid is always Q10 and will be used up on each piece of hide you process, so grab as many as you need.

To tan a hide using the tanning acid, you need 4.5 times the QL in Chemistry and 2.5 times the QL in Agility. Once used, the tanning acid will turn any hide into a tanned counterpart.

  + =   Produces tanned versions of the hide:
Patch of soft bronto hide - Tanned

With an assortment of properly tanned hides of various sizes, we can now get to work on the actual armor pieces. This process is quick and easy with the right tools, so start running the hides through the Mass Relocation Robot (Shape Soft Armor) - watch your fingers though - and you'll see brand new pieces of Bronto Armor come out. This takes 4.5 times the QL in Mechanical Engineering skills to accomplish.

  + =   Each piece of hide produce a different piece of armor
- refer to the list above. Pictured are a pair of
Bronto Hide Gloves

And there you have it! Enough to start your own little Bronto-Fashion store.

    Bronto Hide Hood     Bronto Hide Gloves  
    Bronto Hide Tunic
    Bronto Hide Sleeves  
    Bronto Hide Legwear     Bronto Hide Boots  

Final word
Well, what is there to say, we'll take a look at the practical use of bronto armor first. The armor sports a very very nice allround protection indeed, save for two major weaknesses - energy damage and radiation damage. This makes it a very nice armor for the Rubi-Ka flora and fauna, but I hesitate to wear it should I enter a 25% suppression gas zone. Lets take a look at a QL200 set and its statistics.

    Armor Class
Projectile AC 3570
Melee AC 4000
Energy AC 2255
Fire AC 3570
Cold AC 3570
Radiation AC 2255
Chemical AC 4000
Poison AC 3830

MaxNanoEnergy: 800

Intelligence 525
Stamina 550

Thus the conclusion must be that for the lower levels Bronto Hide is a very good choice. Along with the other new armors in the game, these special ones outshines the regular ones with higher AC values and added bonuses.

Last updated 07.July 2003

Genarian, Atlantean
Ghandalf, Rimor
Letah, Atlantean

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