Armor & Production: Bureaucrat Suits
  Are you a crat desperately wanting to look like one instead of like the soldier next to you? This creation will help you achieve greatness in your ranks - and quite possibly give you some plus-points for your next salary increase.      
  Like in the case with the All-Match Augmented Bow Tie, this item needs to be looted off the Lab Director in the Foremans Dungeon. The trip there is a hazardous one, unless you are level 80 or over, but with a nice team, anything is possible. Check out our upcoming dungeon report on the Foremans Lab coming soon.

There are three different kind of Crat Suits, one for Clans, one for Omni-Tek, and one for the Neutrals. The Neutral one anyone can use, providing they are a crat and can meet the requirements, the other suits you need to be clan or omni-tek to use (hence called Omni-Tek and Clan suit). However - there are only two kinds of Sealed Orders. Sounds tricky? Its not really, bear with us.

There is no order for the suit everyone can make, and we are pleased to inform you that no matter which of the orders you are getting, you will at the end of this guide, have a very smart looking suit, since the Universal Suit can be made from any of the orders. We still do recommend that you get the Sealed Order matching your alignment, since the Universal suit gives less of a bonus.

  Sealed Order BLCG-7791
This is the Sealed Order for the Clan Crat Suit
  Sealed Order XITL-0127
And this is the Sealed Order for the Omni-Tek Crat Suit

Once you get the order you were looking for, we need to go back to the nearest town and pick up a few items. In fact - if you read the guide to making the All-Match Augmented Bow Tie, you will find the exact same components and tools needed here as well, but we will of course present them here as well to save you some clicking agony.

You will need a Hacker Tool, a Hologram Camera and an ID-Extractor. The Hacker Tool you can get from either the Tools or Devices booth, the ID-Extractor and Hologram Camera from your General Tools and Bases store.

Like with the All-Match Augmented Bow Tie, the first step is to create some ID-Data by combining your Hologram Camera with your ID-Extractor. This takes no skills to achieve.

  + =   ID-Data
This item contains your own, personal data.

The second step is hacking your Sealed Order with your hacking tool, producing you a Hacked Order from the Sealed one. In our case, we acquired an Hacked Order BLCG-7791. This takes Breaking and Entering skills.

  + =   Hacked Order BLCG-7791
This is a standard material order, directed to Dr. Allen
Yahn. It can produce a standard Clan Administration Suit.

By combining the ID-Data with your Hacked Order, it will give you a Personal Order. This step require some skill around 3.5 times the QL of the order in Psychology.

  + =   Personal Order BLCG-7791

Now, here is the trick. You should have one of two different orders, and they combine a bit differently. Like we said earlier, there is a third kind of suit - the universal one. This suit gives slightly less of a bonus to most things so naturally you would want to have the one suited for your side - things might not always go your way and the Lab Director might not drop it, and if so - you will have to create the Universal one.

To create an OT Standard Executive Secretary Suit, you will need to obtain an Omni-Tek Multi-Form from the local Bookstore, and combine it with the Personal Order.

  + =   OT Standard Executive Secretary Suit
A good looking suits adds weight to your arguments.

To create the Standard Clans Administration Suit, you will need to get the Clans Multi-Form instead.

  + =   Standard Clans Administration Suit
Just because you're part of the new revolution it doesn't mean you have to be dressed in rags.

And finally, for the Universal Office Worker Suit, you will need the Multi-Form for the opposite side of the Personal Order. IE - if you have a Clan Crat Suit, you will need the Omni-Tek Multi-Form, and if you have a Omni-Tek Suit, you will need the Clans Multi-Form. It is also possible to use the non-sided Multi Form in the creation of the Universal suit. This step also takes around 3.5 times the QL of the order in Psychology to achieve.

  + =   Universal Office Worker Suit
A smile and a clean suit can get you anywhere.

As you can see from the comparison below, all the suits stats vary, depending on the side it is for. All of these requires you to be a crat to wear them, quite naturally.

  Universal - Q80 Omni-Tek - Q80 Clan - Q80  
  Experience 1
Intelligence 12
Psychic 12
Sense 12
Psychology 18
Max Nano 70
Poison AC 400
Radiation AC 400


Psychology 297
Experience 1
Intelligence 16
Psychic 16
Sense 16
Psychology 24
Max Nano 40
Poison AC 470
Radiation AC 470


Psychology 297
Experience 1
Intelligence 14
Psychic 14
Sense 14
Psychology 12
Max Nano 30
Poison AC 600
Radiation AC 600


Psychology 297

Last updated 27. January 2003

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