Armor & Production: Living Dragonflesh Armor
  Dragonflesh Armor, just the name alone should indicate one kick-ass piece of hide armor. Never mind that it's one of the hardest armors to get in the game currently, and that pieces are known to sell for more than most make in
a lifetime. You still want to see it and know how it's done!
  Like with the Bronto Hide Armor, you have to get the Mass Relocation Robot (Shape Soft Armor) which we explained inside that guide how to acquire. After that, all you really need is is the hide of a dragon - easy huh?

Not quite, as this is where the really hard part is. There is only one dragon so far - Tarasque, and it occupies the hardest static dungeon to date - Camelot, which you can reach by means of gridding through the Avalon grid exit on the second tier in the grid. The advantage here is that it's stationary, but the real disadvantage besides the dragon being one really mean mother to bring down, is that the very area it resides in is a political zone. If you do manage to gather enough people of high level to have a shot at it, you might find yourself being ambushed in the middle of the fight by opposing sides.

Tarasque drops 1-2 random pieces used for the armor.

    Chunk of Living Dragon Flesh
- Used in the creation of Living Dragonflesh Body Armor
    Piece of Living Dragon Wing
- Used in the creation of Living Dragonwing Arms Armor
    Lump of Living Dragon Marrow
- Used in the creation of Living Dragonmarrow Feet Armor
    Shard of Living Dragon Skull
- Used in the creation of Living Dragonskull Circlet (the head armor)
    Patch of Living Dragon Skin
- Used in the creation of Living Dragonskin Legs Armor

Using the Mass Relocation Robot (Shape Soft Armor) on the pieces (no other preparation is required, which is rather nice, since getting hold of the MRR and the parts is tricky enough - indeed it can take weeks to acquire) takes Chemistry skill and Agility, and the pieces creates these armor parts...

  + =   This example demonstrates how to use your MRR to create the Living Dragon Flesh Body Armor.

In our example above we are making a Living Dragonflesh Body armor, the most wanted piece in the whole set.

    Living Dragonskull Circlet     Living Dragonwing Arms  
    Living Dragonflesh Body     Living Dragonmarrow Feet  
    Living Dragonskin Legs          

Note that there are no Dragon gloves.

On the brighter note - this is without a doubt the one of the best armors in the game at the time of this writing. Nothing so far can match it, and you will understand why when you look at all the bonuses given for using a complete set (counting two arms) below:

    Total Amount of stat boosts

All AC stats +3200
Adventuring +15
Concealment +25
Runspeed +25
Martial arts +29
Max health +300
Physical init +60
Dmg modifier, all +42
Dodge ranged +25
Duck explosives +25
Evade-clsc +25
Bow special attack +25
Dimach +15
Map navigation +15

Tutoring +20
Nanopool +50
Bow +24
Swimming +50
Sharp objects +40
Riposte +24
Parry +24

It's obviously geared towards Martial Artists, or people that uses martial arts instead of weapons, but its naturally sought after by everyone, especially the body armor since that part alone gives +1200 AC, +42 damage and +300 HP.

Dragon Armor AC (apart from the body armor) are slightly lower than regular QL200 armors, to make up for all the bonuses. On the other hand - it has no real weakness or strengths, like all the other armors do, it has the same AC all across the board and that alone makes it very sought after.

Last updated 30.August 2002

Ipex, Atlantean

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