Armor & Production: Eyemutant Sinew Armor
  Are you an enforcer wanting to be a bit different? Have you ever wondered if you really need all that stamina and strength in your hulk-like murdermachine of a trox body? Well. Here's the answer - what you want to get hold of is some Sinew armor.      
  The very first thing you should know about this armor is that there are only three pieces to it. Well. Four if you count both sleeves. It can also be quite the pain to camp, because you will need to run around finding a lot of Eye-mutants, killing them and then run back and grab some Bronto's while you're at it. Its also one armor that is extremely hard to create at the higher levels, so you might want to prepare to tip that poor tradeskilling Engineer a bit extra for this one...

Like we said - you need to hunt Eye-mutants, and you need to hunt them in order to get your filthy mittens on these...

  Eyemutant Sinews
Long Eyemutant Sinews
Short Eyemutant Sinews

Sinews come in three shapes, regular, short and long. The three different versions are used in three different ways to produce their respective armor, and you might want to get hold of a lot of them. For a complete, maxed out set you will need 12 Short ones, 12 regular ones and 24 Long ones. Crying yet?

Next, we need to visit the shop to pick up some bits and pieces for our tradeskill processes. You will need a few BBI Tanning Acid jars (one per armor piece) and a XXX-Plumbo Beer Can. In fact, go get a couple of more XXX-Plumbo beers and don't drink them this time. You will need one can of Plumbo for every piece of Sinew you have. You can pick up the BBI Tanning Acid in the Pharmaceutical Components booth and the XXX-Plumbo Beer can from any well-supplied alcohol-vendor, or just mug the local drunk, its all the same.

  B.B.I. - Nano Enhanced B-12 Tanning Acid

  XXX-Plumbo Beer Can
The strongest beer ever created. A real mouthful for those whose favorite past time it
is trying to collect a hang-over for the next day.

Now its back to hunting. What you need to hunt down now are brontos. You will need to obtain three different pieces of Bronto hide. The lower the better really, since the making of the Sinew armor has nothing to do with the originating QL of these parts. They'll all end up the same. We recommend hunting for Bronto Mama's in Andromeda.

    Small patch of soft bronto hide     Patch of hard bronto hide  
    Patch of soft bronto hide
- One per sleeves

Applying the BBI Tanning Acid gently on each piece of the bronto hides will make them into their tanned counterparts.

  + =   In our case, we've created a
Small Patch of soft bronto hide - Tanned

To tan a hide using the tanning acid, you need 4.5 times the QL in Chemistry and 2.5 times the QL in Agility.

With the tanning of the Bronto-hide finished, we will now turn our attention to the Sinews. For the sinews to not get stale, we will need to preserve them properly, and the strongest beer just happens to be XXX-Plumbo with an alcohol-content of almost 400% - it can preserve a cow from fourty yards away. Dip the sinews into the beer and watch them soak it up and you will be left with some Preserved Eyemutant Sinews.

  + =   Eyemutant Sinews - Preserved
These preserved sinews are remarkably strong and flexible. They would fit well as reinforcements in some natural hide armor.

Once done with the preservation of the sinews, we are now going to combine them with the correct piece of Tanned Bronto Hide and this is the part from where it can become tricky skillswise. Here are the charts on what you need to combine with what...

    Tanned Small patch of soft bronto hide
- Used for Gloves
- Combine with Short Eyemutant Sinews
    Tanned Patch of hard bronto hide
- used for Boots
- Combine with Eyemutant Sinews
    Tanned Patch of soft bronto hide
- Used for Sleeves
- Combine with Long Eyemutant Sinews

In our case, we decided to make a glove armor piece. Simply wrap the Sinew around the piece of tanned Bronto hide and you will create the armor. Worth noting here is that for every piece of sinew you add, the QL of the gloves will rise by 20. It starts off with 1 bundle and ends with 12. Easy enough at first but as you will see, the skill-requirement on combining them all might make your hired engineer scream in pain.

  + =   Eyemutant Sinew Gloves - 1 Bundle

Every step of this process takes 6.25 times the QL of the Sinews in Chemistry to achieve. For every bundle there is a 20 QL-step, so for instance an Eyemutant Sinew Gloves - 6 bundles will take 20*6*6.25 skill in your Chemistry skill (750 Chemistry) to upgrade to the next step. The highest number of bundled Sinews are 12 and that will require you to have 1500 Chemistry.

Once done with all the Sinews and Bronto Hide parts, you should have these items in your inventory.

    Eyemutant Sinew Gloves
    Eyemutant Sinew Sleeves
    Eyemutant Sinew Boots

Lets take a look at the three highest versions of the Sinew armor. The numbers below are all calculated as if you have two sleeves made.

  Eyemutant Sinew 10 Bundles

Chemical AC 1200
Melee AC 1200
Radiation AC 1200
Projectile AC 1200
Energy AC 1200
Cold AC 200
Fire AC 200
Poison AC 1200

Strength 600
Stamina 600

Cold Damage +40
Fire Damage +40
  Eyemutant Sinew 11 Bundles

Chemical AC 1320
Melee AC 1320
Radiation AC 1320
Projectile AC 1320
Energy AC 1320
Cold AC 220
Fire AC 220
Poison AC 1320

Strength 690
Stamina 690

Cold Damage +44
Fire Damage +44
  Eyemutant Sinew 12 Bundles

Chemical AC 1440
Melee AC 1440
Radiation AC 1440
Projectile AC 1440
Energy AC 1440
Cold AC 240
Fire AC 240
Poison AC 1440

Strength 780
Stamina 780

Cold Damage +48
Fire Damage +48

Final word
Well, as far as armors go this is definitely an odd one. The requirements are skyhigh and if you look at it crassly, they do beat anything else hands-down when it comes to AC, unless you take a look at the miserable Fire and Cold AC types. It adding Cold and Fire damage might be nice at a lower level if you are wielding the Frost Scythes, but higher up when you are using other weapons its not really something you will need. The armor IS unusual however, and if you want something different, this is definitely an option. We do however feel that both Omni-Armed Forces armor as well as Clan Sentinel Armors are a better choice since they will give more bonuses.

Last updated 02. May 2003

Nycola, Atlantean

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