Armor & Production: Flesh Hood
  Do you have a pretty face that you wish to show off to the world? Do you happen to have a lot of monster parts lying around doing nothing but collect dust and attracting flies? If so, here is one way to make those old monster parts into a nice little hood you can wear at social gatherings...      
  This has to be one of the simpler processes of armormaking - the only real catch is that you have to acquire a Mass Relocation Robot (Shape Soft Armor) in order to build it.

You can read about how to get such an item in our guide about making Bronto armors, since we have no plans on repetiting ourselves here, since we have no plans of repeating ourselves here, since we have no plans on repeating ourselves here.

The first thing we need is Monster parts! Oh yes, we need monster parts, one for each hood we are going to make.

Currently, our chief armorsmith is going completely baloony about this and turns every single monster part he can find into a hood snickering like a madman about how to turn all of Rubi-Ka's atroxes into hood-wearing exhibitionists.

It's worth noting that not all of the monster parts will work - only the standard ones, none of that pelted ivory posh la-di-da monster parts dropped by the divas of monsters, just plain old regular monster parts.

    Monster Parts
If you don't know what these are, you probably haven't played the game.

The combination process is the simplest thing imaginable. Simply put your Mass Relocation Robot (Shape Soft Armor) to work on the monster parts and you will obtain a neat-looking hood. You can do this on any QL of monster parts, but no hood will ever go beyond QL200, which is a bit sad because the AC provided by the hood, although well-rounded, is a tad low.

  + =   Thick Flesh Hood
A hood made from the flesh of a Rubi-Kan animal or something...

This process takes 3.5 times the QL of the monster parts in Mechanical Engineering skills, and 2.5 times the QL in Intelligence to achieve, and hey presto - a hood is made.

Lets take a look at the hood's stats now, to compare it to two other popular armors around. As we already stated, the AC is a tad low, but on the other hand, it's a very well-rounded off armor, and if you really are anxious about showing your lovely atrox face to the public, we can warmly recommend that you get going on those monster parts.

  Thick Flesh Hood CAS Symbiotic Helmet DeCranum's Corona MK II: Hood  
  Chemical AC 400
Cold AC 400
Energy AC 400
Fire AC 400
Melee AC 400
Poison AC 400
Projectile AC 400
Radiation AC 400

Max Nano +400
Chemical AC 675
Cold AC 225
Energy AC 900
Fire AC 900
Melee AC 900
Poison AC 675
Projectile AC 675
Radiation AC 675


Max Nano +40
NCU +10
Max Perception +10
Chemical AC 558
Cold AC 478
Energy AC 637
Fire AC 478
Melee AC 637
Poison AC 478
Projectile AC 637
Radiation AC 637

Max Health +140
NCU +7

Final word
As you can plainly see from the stats on the Flesh Hood, this is really nothing but a fun item that you can make, and of course, it sells better to shops than regular monster parts, so you might want to try that as an avenue of funding your new Grid Armor. All in all it's a pretty mediocre armor, but its fun, and it doesn't look very bad either.

Last updated 20. November 2002

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