Armor & Production: Modernized ICC Cloaks
  Tired of wearing bland garments while at the office or out killing mutants? Got a spare Notum Chip that you are dying to get rid of? How about you kill two birds with one stone and get yourself some new threads and look all pimpish with these new Modernized and groovy ICC Cloaks.      
  As you might already have noticed, there are some neat new cloaks around. They aren't really that new however, they are only modifications of the old ones, but I'll say this - they do look very nice indeed, certainly a lot better than the old plain ones. So! With a lust for fashion we set out to get us some of these!

Before you start reading this guide, we would like to point out that while the appearances of the cloaks DO change, the stats do NOT. This is intended, and while high skill in chemistry will up the QL by a small percentage in the final step, the end product will be pretty much the same stat-wise. Be sure that you understand this before you start spending half a million credits - the only thing that changes is the looks, albeit very cool looks, but still.

The first thing you have to get - for some reason - is the regular version. There are a number of them, depending on what base ability you want the cloak to have, ranging from Strength and Stamina (ICC Bodyguard Cloak) to Sense and Agility (ICC Messenger Cloak).

    ICC Bodyguard Cloak
Requires Strength & Stamina to wear. Adds to your Bodydev and Psychology skills.
    ICC Messenger Cloak
Requires Agility & Sense to wear. Adds to your Run Speed and
Swimming skills.
    ICC Delegate Cloak
Requires Intelligence & Psychic to wear. Adds to your Max Nano and
Nano Pool skills.
    ICC Pilot Cloak
Requires Sense & Psychic to wear. Adds to your Vehicle Ground and
Vehicle Water skills.
    ICC Internops Cloak
Requires Agility & Stamina to wear. Adds to your Break & Entry and Concealment skills.
    ICC Secretary Cloak
Requires Stamina & Psychic to wear. Adds to your Adventuring and First Aid skills.

To get hold of these you will need to visit the fixer shop, located in Borealis. If you need further directions, we recommend that you either talk to a fixer or read our guide about the fixer shop. Keep in mind though - these cloaks are VERY expensive, so if you are a bit down on your luck and have no money, we would recommend that you keep your cash and get something else instead, since these cloaks, while nice, can be a real moneysink.

After you have obtained the cloak your heart is set out for, it's time to visit the local store and get your slimy paws on a Nano Programming Interface and some Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots.

    Nano Programming Interface     Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots  

You can get the Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots from the Armor and Clothing Components booth and the Pharmacy and Chemistry Components booth and the Nano Programming Interface from the Tools booth. The Nanobots are quite expensive, at least at higher levels. The QL of the Nanobots must be at least 90% of that of the cloak - if you have a QL70 cloak, you will need at least QL63 nanobots to complete the process.

You will also, as is the case with CAS Symbiotic armor, need a Notum Chip or a Notum Fragment. You will only need a single Notum Fragment/Chip for each cloak you intend to make, unlike with CAS Armor that needs two for each piece of armor.

    Notum Chip     Notum Fragment  

These drop from most mobs both outside in the field and in missions and dungeons. For the QL presented in the Fixer Shop, we can warmly recommend the dungeon called Biomare at 1950 x 800 in The Longest Road (popularly known as Foremans) where Notum Frags are fairly common around QL 30-70. You might need a team if you are planning a trip there since, like the case with all dungeons, the mobs in there can be quite the handful.

Next you need to combine the parts - the first step is to combine the Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots with the Nano Programming Interface. This requires exactly four times the QL of the Nanobots in Nanoprogramming and 2.5 times the QL in Computer Literacy to achieve.

  + =   Activated OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
Metamorphing nanobots are used to change the look of things - and sometimes also the properties and abilities of those things. To utilize this brew you need to stabilize it
first with notum.

We now have some Activated OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots. The next step will to stabilize the bots and make the final "tool" in the process before we apply it to the cloak we just bought. Simply combine the nanobots with the Notum Chip/Fragment to make the finished item, a Stabilized OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots vial.

  + =   Stabilized OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
This solution can be used to change the look of certain things, like e.g. The old ICC cloaks. If you super-stabilize
it it might also be used to change the properties of things.

This step also requires four times the amount of the QL of nanobots in Nanoprogramming and one time the QL in Chemistry to complete. At QL100 max, this shouldn't be too much of a problem for most high-level nanoprogrammers out there though.

Now to the final step - the actual creation and metamorphosis of your cloak. Hold on to the nearest atrox and close your eyes while the tradeskiller turns the cloak inside out looking a bit embarassed. No, I mean, simply apply the vial on the cloak you want - in our case we chose a Red Bodyguard one - and be amazed as the nanobots transform it from its rather scruffy old self into a newfangled, very groovalicious, bodacious and other words ending in -ious version.

  + =   Modernized ICC Bodyguard Cloak
This cloak has been changed by metamorphing liquid nanobots.

Don't let the icon fool you - put it on instead and get ready to answer a lot of questions along the lines of "What cloak is that?!" and "Can I have one?!". This step requires exactly 4.5 times the cloak's QL in Chemistry skill to achieve. If you have high enough chemistry skill, the cloak has a small chance of being upgraded in QL - not by much mind you - only around 1-3 quality levels and it will never go past QL100 (which is a bit of a shame because they look really nice).

Final word
Worth it or not? Well. If you have the cash and you are a fashion hog then it's most definitely worth it, we would say. The Notum fragments/chips at this level aren't very rare in the Biomare dungeon and it doesn't take THAT much skill to create these cloaks. As far as AC goes, these items are really nice, but truth be told - they are definitely not worth the insane amount of cash they cost in the Fixer Shop - indeed a QL70ish cloak costs something like 500.000 credits, which really is a bit steep for any aspiring player wanting to save up for a Yalmaha. If you have the cash and want to look good - go ahead - if not, you are only missing out on cosmetics. Very NICE cosmetics though, mind you!

Last updated 15.November 2002

Veenus, Atlantean
Zavant, Atlantean

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