Armor & Production: Junkmetal Armor
  Ever watched one of those fashion-shows from good old earthdays where lovely ladies will walk down the catwalk clad in pretty much anything you can find in the gutter like milk cartons and old tractor tires? Well, in the year 29477 junkarmor makes a comeback. With a vengeance.      
  The first thing you ought to know before you set out to gather this set of armor is that you will really want to have gotten hold of a MRR:Shape Hard Armor. If you haven't, a screwdriver will work but skill requirements on it will be quite high. Also - very high QL's of this armor requires astronomical amounts of Mechanical Engineering. If you aren't trader or an engineer you might actually find yourself hardpressed to get the amount needed so be forewarned, you might need to hire a trader or engineer.

The first item on the shopping-list is a Precious metal reclaimer. Actually, if you plan on making a whole set of Junkmetal armor, you will want to get eight of them since each one is destroyed when reclaiming one piece of robot junk. They can be found in the Mechanical and Electrical Tools booth in your local shop and can be costly if you are low on credits. A full set will set you back at least 80.000 credits from these alone.

  Precious Metal Reclaimer

Next, we need robot junk! As we're sure you know, you can find lying around on pretty much any robotic mob on Rubi-Ka from the eeniest Probe to the biggest slayerdroid. These mobs can be found through-out Rubi-Ka in almost any zone, Pleasant Meadows is a goldmine for these, presenting robotic mobs from level range 40 all the way up to 180.

    Robot Junk     Robot Junk  

Now, after hours of killing and hopefully getting some welldeserved experience from it, its time for the actual process. You will want to use the Precious Metal Reclaimer on the piece of Robot Junk you have in order to make a Sheet of Junkmetal.

  + =   Sheet of Junkmetal
This is a sheet of metal, made from robot junk. It can be used for making armor, using a Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Hard Armor), or a screwdriver.

This takes 6 times the QL of the Robot Junk in Mechanical Engineering to accomplish. In our case, we hired ourselves an engineer to reclaim the metals from the Robot Junk. No easy task I don't mind telling you, especially after the bill from the engineer dropped into our mail.

After you have gotten your sheets all done, its time to get hold of some HSR Sketch and Etch robots. You can find these in the Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools and Bases booth in any shop.

    HSR - Sketch and Etch - Arms
Used for Arms
    HSR - Sketch and Etch - Gloves
- Used for Gloves
    HSR - Sketch and Etch - Boots
- Used for Boots
    HSR - Sketch and Etch - Helmet
- Used for Shoulderpads
    HSR - Sketch and Etch - Chestpiece
- Used for Chest
    HSR - Sketch and Etch - Legs
- Used for Legs

Junkmetal has no helmet and perhaps thats for the best. Who would want to walk around with the smell of garbage in their noses anyway? Instead, there are Shoulder plates, and the HSR - Sketch and Etch - Helmet robot is used to produce those. Now its time to apply the HSR robots to the junkmetal sheets, getting our etched patterns done.

  + =   Etched Pattern for Junkmetal Breastplate
This sheet of junkmetal plating has been etched with the patterns for all the 149 pieces needed to build one uni-size plate armor breastplate.

Using the HSR robots on the sheets takes 4.5 times the QL of the sheets in your Chemistry skill to achieve. Remember that there are two arms and two shoulderpads so you will have to use those two HSR robots twice. Now to the final bit, we'll soon be strutting around clad in the finest of junk!

  + =   Junkmetal Breastplate
A breastplate made from robot junk.

This step requires you to have 5 times the QL in Mechanical Engineering and 4 times the QL of the sheet in Electrical Engineering (If you are using a MRR:Shape Hard armor robot that is). If you are using a screwdriver, prepare to bite down, because it will require you to have 6.5 times the QL of the sheet in Mechanical engineering and 6 times the QL in Electrical engineering, making this the hardest armor to date to create.

Yay! Hurrah! Other-exclamations-of-joy! All done! Our precious junk is all superbly made into a Breastplate! One neat thing about this armor is that it adds to your health for every single piece, something of a "poor-mans-azure" you might call it if you stretch the truth a bit...

    Junkmetal Breastplate
+200 Health
    Junkmetal Gloves
+50 Health
    Junkmetal Arms
+50 Health
    Junkmetal Boots
+75 Health
    Junkmetal Legs
+125 Health
    Junkmetal Shoulder Plate
+25 Health

Lets take a look at a full set of armor and look at what we've just managed to put together, shall we?

    QL200 Junkmetal

Projectile AC 3450
Melee AC 2850
Energy AC 2850
FireAC 1415
Cold AC 1415
Radiation AC 2850
Chemical AC 2850
Poison AC 3450

Agility 580
Strength 476

Max Health +600

Final word
While the Junkmetal armor is a nice armor as such, the health-modifiers are nowhere near enough to compensate for how high requirements to build it are. It is definitely an option at lower levels (especially if you cant afford more expensive armors like CAS) but at higher levels we cant really recommend strutting around in it unless you feel you want to be different really. A nice set of armor but with tradeskill requirements that are shot up a bit too far for our liking.

Last updated 25.April 2002

Iiris, Atlantean

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