Armor & Production: Massive Steel Armor
  Are you ded 'ard? Of course you are! And like everyone else thats ded 'ard you want some ded 'ard armor, don't you? Yes, of course you do. And there are few things thats harder (or heavier) than massive steel, so get those muscles bulging while you squeeze into this one!      
  Yup. Its definitely different! It might get you targeted by your local mutant-hunting parties at times, but don't worry about such simpletons, they just don't realize your obvious greatness. Now. To the matter at hand.

The first thing you ought to know before going out there getting the pieces you will need for this armor is that its unfortunately not a whole set, which makes you look rather rag-tag and rough and also its Male-only.

The second thing you ought to know about this armor is that while, yes, it involves some camping. It might take a while before you get hold of one but on the up-side, the mutants we are about to camp aren't exactly the toughest around but rather shoddy and frightened creatures. We are sure you have heard of them before - the eye-mutants.

Oh yes, its payback time for those times they ganged up on you at level 4 in Omni-Forest. Oh yes indeedy...

You can find Eye-mutants practically everywhere, however, its been our experience that the ones around level 10 will most often drop this piece of armor. If you have never encountered Eye-mutants, shame on you!


These are the ones.

The easiest way to find Eye-mutants of your choice should be to head to Harrys and run a bit south until you bump into a camp with a lot of mutants, here you will find two groups of Eye-mutants spawning quite quickly - they are...

-Rejected Eyemutant
-Failed Eyemutant

If you are really low level and alone, these might pose a threat to you but it shouldnt be anything too much to be concerned with, especially since we are firm believers in peoples willingness to help you camp these walking slimebags.

Like we said, you probably will not find the Massive Steel Armor on the first mutant you kill, so you might get stuck killing mutants for a while, but fear not, its not that bad of a droprate really. After 2 hours we walked off with 4 of them.

The armor stands out like a fish on.. on.. er.. it stands out when you loot, so there is no risk of missing it really.. this is what you are after right here.

  Massive Steel Body Armor
This is the protective plating that most Eyemutants wear. It is intact, but it cannot be worn by humans due to the ID protection on it.

Your mouth watering yet? Now we need to get to a shop in order to buy some supplies we need to create the armor. You will need an ID-Extractor and a Hologram Camera from the General Tools and Bases booth and the Hacker tool from either the Tools or the Devices booth in any store.

    ID-Extractor     Hacker Tool  
    Hologram Camera          

The first thing we are going to do is to combine the Camera with the ID-Extractor, like in a lot of other tradeskill processes.

  + =   ID-Data
This item contains your own, personal data.

This takes no skills at all to achieve and you will end up holding an ID-Data which we are going to use on the armor in a short while. But first we need to remove the ID-Protection on the armor using the Hacker Tool.

  + =   Hacked Massive Steel Body Armor
This is the protective plating that most Eyemutants wear.
It is intact - and the ID on it reads zero. This means you
can attach your own, personal ID to it and wear it.

This step requires you to have 60 Mechanical Engineering skills to complete and you will end up with the near-finished body-armor. Please note that the step after this will make the body-armor NODROP, so you might want to give it away if you are female or atrox, since it can only be worn by males.

  + =   Massive Steel Body Armor
This armor is made from the massive steel body armor that Eyemutants are normally wearing. As your abilites raise
you can upgrade it - to give better protection.

All done! You should now be the proud owner of a QL10 Massive Steel armor. This is a NODROP, levelling item. Which means every time you rightclick it, it will increase a level (as long as you meet the requirements naturally). It will level all the way up to level 50, so you might actually save quite a bit of money on using this one instead of upgrading the chest-armor all the time. We will show off the statistics on a QL50 steel body below...

    AC Statistics

Chemical AC 300
Melee AC 360
Radiation AC 360
Projectile AC 360
Energy AC 360
Cold AC 120
Fire AC 120
Poison AC 300

Strength 150
Psychic 150

Final word
The AC on the armor is very nice for its level excepting of course the obvious gaps in cold and fire AC. The requirement of Male is a bit harsh though we think. We can think up a number of Atroxes that would love the chance to be dressed to kill in this heavy-duty armor. As far as the looks go - its too bad there really only is the chestpiece, it would have been very nice to have a full set, but alas.. such is not the case.

Last updated 02. May 2003

Nocredsfrj00, Atlantean

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