Armor & Production: Meister's Reinforced Suit
  Want to look good? We mean dead-sexy uber good? Are you an Enforcer? Well. Tough cookies, because this neat little getup is for Bureacrats and Bureacrats alone. Get to be the next in line for a promotion by simply looking gorgeus!      
  Something you should know before setting your mind on getting this item is that involves quite a bit of camping. In fact - it doesnt only require you to camp one item but both of the items you will need are from some heavy-duty mobs that it will take some time to clobber.

But hey - it makes you look incredibly good at the same time, so maybe its worth it after all.

You will need to get two items, one is called Nelly Johnsons Little Black Dress and the other one is Nelly's Chip.

We're not sure why Nelly has been spreading these out across the lands but there's probably a reason even though we suspect it was done under the influence of some highly intoxicating alcohol-containing substances.

  Nelly Johnsons Little Black Dress
This dress was tailored especially for Nelly Johnson. It seems to have been made from sort of flaxen notum material - and it's surprisingly light and flexible.

This is Nelly's dress. If you have heard about Ian Warr you should be trembling already. If you haven't heard of him, you will. As posting an entire guide about this topic here would be taking focus from the tradeskill process in itself, we urge you to instead take a look at the Guardian pages on Faunlore, as there is a perfectly good guide about how the Mercenary Encampment in Eastern Foul Plains work. 'Nuff said that it wont be too easy obtaining this particular piece of evening dress..

  Nelly's Chip
An advanced transformation chip, using nanobots with a chemical base and an integrated retinal interface for achieving the best results.
NOTE: You cannot use this chip in areas with low gravity.

Nelly's Chip has to be attained from another encampment called the Hollow Island. Hollow Island has a number of tiers in which harder and harder bosses spawn, and this particular item will drop, if you are lucky, from the First Brood Champion. Again, to look into further detail about this nick of the woods, visit Faunlore for the Guardian pages of the Hollow Island and read the guide there.

  + =   Meister's Reinforced Suit
This suit seems to have been made from sort of flaxen
notum material - and it's surprisingly light and flexible, despite the thick layer of padding on the inside.

Thankfully enough, the actual combination of the two items is rather straightforward. You will need 750 in your Psychology and Computer Literacy skills in order to piece the two together, but when you have you will be the proud owner of one grandfather of all Bureacrat-suits, namely Meisters Reinforced Suit.

    AC Statistics

Chemical AC 800
Melee AC 800
Radiation AC 950
Projectile AC 950
Energy AC 950
Cold AC 800
Fire AC 800
Poison AC 800

Intelligence 575

Max Life +40
Max Nano +40
Duck Exp +20
Dodge Rng +40
Evade Clscb +10
Runspeed +40
Psychology +20
Nano Resist +10
Ranged Init +40
Nano Init +20

Final word
Looking at the suit objectively there are a lot of nice modifiers and the requirements aren't that high if you are a solitus or a nanomage, although the AC of the suit by no means compare to say, the variety of Tank Armors out there today. Its definitely something you can wear at social gatherings though and it does look very good indeed...

Last updated 07. September 2003

Gawae, Atlantean

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