Armor & Production: NotuComm Wiremesh Coat
  Do you happen to have 36 Cold Stones lying around and you just know that there is no way you'll ever get yourself a Stiletto Yalmaha? Well, then, this might be something for you to reconsider. Its not the best armor in the world - but its most definitely the oddest one.      
  Before you start on this, we really want to stress that this is a novelty item. Its nothing that you'd make unless you plan on showing it off. However. It IS a trenchcoat, and it IS a tradeskill item, and yes.. it IS incredibly rare. For a reason. And hey, honestly, wouldnt you just love to get a matching cowboy hat?

Now lets take a look at how to make it shall we. Firstly we'll need a couple of ingredients. When I say "a couple" I really mean oodles of them. Lets take a look at the things you can find in stores first though.. You'll need a Nano Programming Interface, a Trenchcoat and six Reinforced NotuComm Wire. You can find the Nano Programming Interface in the Devices booth, the Reinforced NotuComm Wire in the Notum Wars stores and the Trenchcoat in any wellstocked Clothes booth.

    Nano Programming Interface
    Cold Stone
- You will need 36 of these
    Reinforced NotuComm Wire
- You will need 6 of these

As far as the Cold Stones go, you can find them both in missions and on mobs, but make sure they're at least 0.8 times the QL of the coat you intend to make, so if you want a QL200 coat, you'll need QL180 stones (QL145 for the lowest QL of the trenchcoat - QL160). We highly recommend hunting for Medusas in Eastern Foul Plains in order to obtain them.

Lets start by converting all the 36 Cold Stones to their Sentient counterparts. You might want to have a lot of free inventory space before you start this. Nothing ruins the day like going linkdead while having 30 coldstones in the overflow window.

  + =   Sentient Cold Stone
This is the once popular Cold Stone that has received som basic re-programming. Its nanobots now labor as light, motion and sound sensors - while at the same time keeping cold.

Simply use the Nano Programming Interface on the Cold Stones to transform them. This step requires 4.5 times the QL of the Cold Stones in Nano Programming Skill to achieve.

The next step is to Combine these with our Reinforced NotuComm Wire. For each NotuComm Wire, add six Sentient Cold Stones to make a Complete NotuComm Circuitry.

  + =   Complete NotuComm Circuitry
This is a complete NotuComm Circuitry (standard version). It feels cold to the touch.

You should have six Complete NotuComm Circuitry now, all ready for the next combination process. Combine one Complete NotuComm Circuitry with another until you have three Double NotuComm Circuitry Circuitry as such...

  + =   Double NotuComm Circuitry
This is a double NotuComm Circuitry (standard version). It feels cold to the touch.

For the next step, again, lets combine one of the Double NotuComm Circuitry with another. Don't worry about the leftover one as we'll soon use that one as well. You should now end up with a Quadruple NotuComm Circuitry.

  + =   Quadruple NotuComm Circuitry
This is a quadruple NotuComm Circuitry (standard version). It feels cold to the touch.

Finally, use the last Double NotuComm Circuitry on the Quadrupled one and you'll end up with a perfectly handcrafted NotuComm Mesh!

  + =   NotuComm Mesh
This is a NotuComm Mesh. It is an advanced sensory unit which helps the user dodge high velocity projectiles. It needs to be attached to a control unit of some kind. It feels cold to the touch.

This is the time for you to decide if you really really want a NotuComm Wiremesh Trenchcoat. To complete the process, jam the NotuComm Mesh into the Trenchcoat (no need to be gentle, the nanobots will adjust themselves around the fabric of the trenchcoat by themselves) and you'll have the finished product...

  + =   NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat
A trenchcoat. NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat! This, the "Plan 9 from Outer Space" of armors, requires you to have 900 Computer Literacy and be at least level 150 in order to wear, and will give you a bonus of +80 Dodge Ranged at QL200. Hardly something worth wearing if you're jumping into the arena, but definitely something to brag about if you manage to actually jump out of the arena.

Last updated 01. September 2003

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