Armor & Production: Omni-Armed Forces Tank Armor
  Men in Black? You can surely be one of them if you have been paying attention to the new omni-only armor quests out there. Not only is there a full set of shiny black metal for you to lay your eyes on but also there's a tank-armor you can strap on yourself and look as deadly as a starving atrox in a candyfactory.      

As you can see, the armor when completed does look incredibly sexy indeed. Yes, the atrox on the right is free girls, go get him. Subject to confusion, from left to right - Opifex female, Solitus female, Atrox...something. The Nanomage lies crippled in the ditch to the far right, and you can see his lunch-money bulging in the Atrox' pocket if you look close enough.

The tank armor isn't something that you can get hold on with ease though, it involves some serious camping. As with the rest of the set, this is a "quest" of sorts you can get from the dear Supplymaster Eel in Wailing Wastes at the Secondary Omni-Tek Base at 900 x 1600. If you remember the quests for the other pieces of Omni-Armed Forces armor, now is the time to take a look at them, because Eel is greedier than ever...

Still here? Okay! In order for you to get hold of the Omni-Armed Forces tank, the good supplymaster doesnt want you to find a clan equivalent but rather trade you in some of your hard-earned Omni-Armed Forces Armor. More precisely, in order to get hold of the tank, you will have to be prepared to give back a lot of bits and pieces to Eel. What a dirty little bugger, eh?

These are the pieces he wants in order for you to get the Omni-Armed Forces Tank Armor...

  Omni-Armed Forces Helmet   Omni-Armed Forces Sleeves  
    Omni-Armed Forces Gloves   Albrecht Heavy Tank Armor  

We told you he was greedy! The sleeves and gloves are thankfully easy enough to obtain, killing the lower commanders in Supplymaster Smug's base. The Albrecht Tank Armor is a bit harder to find, as it is boss-drop only. Still, after a couple of missions you should be in possession of one. And if not, they aren't as rare as they used to be. Buying one can save you a lot of time if you haven't already gotten one.

The last piece however, the Helmet is the backbreaker that will make you try to stifle a cry, as it involves killing the clan supplymaster Smug in order to get the little brown book he has.

So is it worth it? Well. Since you will be losing an Albrecht Tank Armor for the Omni-Armed forces equivalent, why not compare to it?

  Omni-Armed Forces Tank

Chemical AC: 1200
Cold AC: 900
Energy AC: 1200
Fire AC: 1200
Melee AC: 1200
Poison AC: 1200
Projectile AC: 1200
Radiation AC: 1200

Melee Init +25
Ranged Init +25
Nano Init +25
Run Speed +25
Psychology +25
Nano Resist +25
Max Nano +250
Max Life +250
  Albrecht Heavy Tank Q200

Chemical AC: 250
Cold AC: 750
Energy AC: 1100
Fire AC: 875
Melee AC: 1100
Poison AC: 250
Projectile AC: 1100
Radiation AC: 250

Nano init +50
Nano pool +400
Psychology +20
Runspeed -50
Stamina 600
Strength 526
Title Level 6
Stamina 576
Strength 526

As you can clearly see, the Omni-Armed Forces Tank totally creams the Albrecht. It has an overall AC modifier which beats the most and the bonuses on the armor can make any atrox enforcer cry out of happiness. Hard to get? Absolutely. Hard to wear? Definitely. Worth it? Well, the judges are holding up at least a couple of grudging "9" points out of ten-signs, except the nanomage judge who's still in the dressing room trying to think up a way to squeeze into it.

Last updated 20. April 2003

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