Armor & Production: Omni-Med Battle Armor
  The latest addition to the Omni-Armed forces armor family is the Omni-Med Battle Armor, armor specifically engineered for doctors and nurses alike. Always wanted to dress up in sexy white? Please do! Are you an atrox? Then please reconsider. Pretty please.      
  Looks scrumptious doesnt it? Well, this armor is the top-of-the-line armor for doctors without a doubt, however we feel we should warn you up front on a couple of important notes.

First off, this armor will require you to get hold of the Omni-Armed forces armor pieces, so you might want to read up on our guide on that.

Also, since you will be trading in your old Omni-Armed Forces armor, you should double-check the pieces, maybe there is something that you need that the Omni-Med Battle version will remove.

With that said (and read) we hope you are ready to get some action going while we take you through the hows and whens of completing your very own set of Omni-Med armor, making the husband very happy indeed.

Like we already mentioned, you will want to obtain the Omni-Armed Forces armor, which you can read about in its very own guide here. Please note that even though the armor is depicted with a white tank-armor there is no Omni-Med Battle Armor Tank-Armor. You will need the following pieces or armor in order to complete your set.

    Omni-Armed Forces Helmet     Omni-Armed Forces Armor  
    Omni-Armed Forces Gloves     Omni-Armed Forces Pants  
    Omni-Armed Forces Sleeves     Omni-Armed Forces Boots  

With that bit taken care of (which can take some time) you will also need a number of instruction discs. Completed nanos of these will not work unfortunately, you will have to find the discs in missions as loot, or perhaps on the shopping channel. It will be no easy task finding them, thats for sure, except perhaps the Vaccine of Divestiture disc which is boss-loot only. Each instruction disc makes a separate armor part later on so if you have these as instruction discs we highly recommend that you save them instead of making them into full-blown Nano Crystals.

    Instruction Disc (Vaccine of Divestiture)
- Makes Helmet
    Instruction Disc (Alpha and Omega)
- Makes Chest
    Instruction Disc (Sentient Nano Gorger)
- Makes Gloves
    Instruction Disc (Uncontrollable Body Tremors)
- Makes Pants
    Instruction Disc (Life Channeler)
- Makes Sleeves
- You will need one per sleeve
    Instruction Disc (Wrack and Ruin)
- Makes Boots

Now what we need to do is visit the Omni-Tek patron of all doctors, Dr. Henrik Stevenson, who resides in the Secondary Omni-Tek Base in Avalon. Talk to the good doctor and he will tell you that he is looking for some Omni-Pol and the respective discs. Simply trade him the discs together with the appropriate armor-parts and you will receive the Omni-Med Battle Armor back.

  + Traded   Omni-Med Battle Body Armor
Omni-Tek has used only the best technology to produce the Omni-Med Battle Armor. This is probably one of the most expensive armors one can build today.

You should now have a complete set of Omni-Med Battle Armor, as shown below. Be advised that it will take some time before you can get a whole set of it, so your heart should be set out for a couple of long trips to Avalon and Wailling Wastes camping for the Omni-Armed Forces parts, not to mention the Instruction Discs.

    Omni-Med Battle Helmet
+8 Psychic
+10 First Aid / Treatment
+20 NCU
+80 Max Nano
 +200 Max Health
    Omni-Med Battle Body Armor
+8 Intelligence
+20 First Aid / Treatment
+16 NCU
+280 Max Nano
    Omni-Med Battle Gloves
+10 First Aid / Treatment
+8 NCU
+20 Pharma Tech
+80 Max Nano
    Omni-Med Battle Pants
+10 Sense
+10 First Aid / Treatment
+10 Bio Met
+10 NCU
+200 Max Health
    Omni-Med Battle Sleeves
+14 First Aid / Treatment
+80 Max Nano
+20 Nano Init

Omni-Med Battle Boots
+9 Agility
+14 First Aid / Treatment
+60 Runspeed
+14 NCU
+200 Max Health


Lets take a look at the statistics of a full set, shall we? The armor statistics below depict a whole set including both sleeves (no tank-armor).

    3965 Chemical AC
4250 Melee AC
4250 Radiation AC
4250 Projectile AC
4250 Energy AC
3365 Cold AC
4250 Fire AC
4250 Poison AC

Agility +9
Intelligence +8
Sense +10
Psychic +8

Requirements to wear
Stamina 550
Psychic 550
Level: 190
Faction: Omni-Tek
  First Aid +92
Treatment +92
Pharmaceuticals +20
Run Speed +60

Max Health +600
Max Nano +600
Max NCU +68
Nano Init +40
Bio Met +10

Final Word
Is it worth it or not? Well, if you look at the statistics of this set and compare it to the set you need to have in order to make it, its not a bad set at all but the additional bonuses to treatment and first aid replaces the massive amounts of other bonuses to weaponskills. The treatment addition is very nice indeed and will make the Omni-Med Clothes set something you can live without of course but like we said in the beginning of the guide, you should look at every individual piece to decide if you want it to be Omni-Med or Omni-Armed.

Last updated 07. May 2003

Mistydee, Atlantean

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