Armor & Production: Physician´s Cap
  Are you a doctor looking for some extra nanopool? Or maybe you just want something else than the rather funny-looking Biomech Helmet to help raise your treatment for that QL200 implant? This is what you have been looking for - enter.. the Physician's Cap.      
  The Physicians Cap is one of the later additions to the family of Notum-enhanced armors. Its definitely unusual and it offers quite nice protection as well as some added bonuses to both First Aid and Treatment rivalling the Biomech Helmet.

The intriguing bit about this armor is definitely the availability of it. You can get it very easily, it doesnt cost you a lot and since the Cap is a levelling item, you wont need to worry about getting a new headgear for quite some time if you equip it - and not only that, but like we mentioned before it adds to First Aid and Treatment as well, making this a quite nice headgear for the lower levels.

If you are a tradeskiller thats a bit higher up on the level-treadmill, you still might want to take a quick glance at the armor since it adds some Pharmatech skill so you can make those extra-hard treatment kits easier.
Wasnt I in X-men?

First, you will have to visit the trader-shop in order to get the first item on the shopping-list, the Besieger Cap. You can get one of these from the trader-only booths in the special stores. Make sure that you get a QL15 one, since the trader-shops sometimes sells a QL1 version which you wont be able to upgrade.

  Cap of the Besieger
This cap was used during the second rebellion on Titan-IC. It positively helped the rebels survive the heavy barrage from biochemical and nuclear weapons during their sieges..

Next, you will have to get two Notum Fragments or Notum Chips. These drop off from pretty much any mob if you kill enough of them, outdoors hunting or in missions. You can ever get some Notum Enriched Rocks and split them apart as described in our guide about refining Notum.

    Notum Chip     Notum Fragment  

Last but not least you will have to get a Nano Programming Interface, available in any store from the Tools booth in any shop and some Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots available in the Pharmacy and Chemistry Components booth.

    Nano Programming Interface     Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots  

While the QL of the Besieger Cap is so low, we haven't been able to accurately test the exact requirements of the chips, but if they are anything like the rest of the Notum-enhanced armors, you should get yourself at least a QL14 set of Nanobots and Notum Fragments (which in all honesty shouldnt be overly hard to find)

Now to the actual process. The first step is to combine the Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots with the Nano Programming Interface. This requires exactly four times the QL of the Nanobots amount of Nanoprogramming and 2.5 times the QL of Computer Literacy to achieve.

  + =   Activated OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
Metamorphing nanobots are used to change the look of things - and sometimes also the properties and abilities of those things. To utilize this brew you need to stabilize it
first with notum.

We now have some Activated OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots. The next step is to actually stabilize these nanobots. To do this, we need to combine the nanobots with both of the Notum Chips/Fragments to make the finished item. The first Notum you combine with the Liquid nanobots will make it into a Stabilized Nanobot, and the next step will make it into a superstabilized nanobot. This step also requires four times the amount of the QL of nanobots in Nanoprogramming and one times the QL Chemistry to complete.

  + =   Super-Stabilized OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
This solution can be used to change both the looks and properties of certain items, like e.g. Organic armor, Graft armor and Nano armor.

Now we are the proud owners of some Super-Stabilized OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots. All you have to do now, is apply this liquid on the Cap of the Besieger and you will produce the finished item.

  + =   Physician's Cap
Some might think that cell scanning technology has given the average doctor less worries than before, but it's not so. The classical doctor was a typical 'after battle' profession.

There we are - out completed Physicians Cap at QL 15. As mentioned, this is a levelling item, which means that if you right-click it as you gain levels, the QL of the Cap will increase, all the way up to QL75. Since the Cap is closely related to the Biomech Helmet we are going to compare the two and see where we end up.

  Physician's Cap - QL75 Biomech Helmet - QL75  
  Projectile AC 325
Melee AC 325
Energy AC 325
Chemical AC 375
Radiation AC 375
Cold AC 350
Poison AC 375
Fire AC 350
Projectile AC 281
Melee AC 281
Energy AC 246
Chemical AC 281
Radiation AC 70
Cold AC 246
Poison AC 246
Fire AC 246
First Aid 6
Treatment 6
Pharma tech 6
Max Nano 150
First Aid 4
Treatment 4
Stamina 225
Psychic 225
Title Level 3
Stamina 193
Psychic 211

Final word
As you can see, the Biomech helmet is pretty outclassed by everything but the requirements - a Biomech helmet will have less requirement to wield, but also wont give anywhere as near as much bonuses. If you are looking for a good helmet for your nanomage, this certainly is a very good option. The additional nanopool might not be very large, but everything helps, especially if you are a doctor and the team insist on pulling those nasty level 150 missions.

Last updated 21. February 2003

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