Armor & Production: Rollerrat Helmets
  Remember the shrieking sound of the Rollerrat coming at you when you were a young one? Biting down hard on your leg and not letting go? Well, here's your chance to get even once and for all and go on a killing spree the world has never seen before. Vermin beware...      
  Wearable rollerrats? Admit it. You want to own one. While the description of the rollerrat-helmet indicates it coming from around the lungs of the little shrieker, our own highly personal theory is that it is made from the rear end of the vermin, hence its looks. Clearly inspired from the ancient World War II helmets, the rollerrat helmet comes in a number of varieties and rather than making a separate guide for the two versions, we rather make them both in one guide.

First off - you will need to hunt down some Rollerrats to obtain some rubbery rollerrat flesh. Rollerrats are common in a lot of zones but we found that the neutral zone of Harry's will do marvellously as we managed to scrounge up well over 10 pieces over a period of thirty minutes time.

  Undamaged Piece of Rubbery Rollerrat Flesh
When a Rollerrat dies from damage in combat, it's normally due to its lungs being punctured. The flesh that covers its chest area is of a singular quality - having
excellent strength and flexibility.

You will need to get ten of these pieces for one completed helmet. It might be wise to stock up for the future even if you want the lower QL ones. For the rest of the guide we will assume you have hunted down 10 pieces to complete the process from start to finish.

After our killing spree we will have to go around collecting a number of various pieces in order to make the helmet itself. You will need a Screwdriver from the Tools for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering booth, a BBI Tanning Acid jar from the Pharmaceutical Components booth, a Hacker Tool from the Devices or Tool booth and finally a MasterComm Personalization device from the Mechanical and Electrical Components booth. The Mastercomm needs to be at least QL20 for the process to work.

  Screwdriver   B.B.I. - Nano Enhanced B-12 Tanning Acid  
    Hacker Tool   MasterComm - Personalization Device
- This needs to be QL20 or above

When done with the shopping spree in the shop, you will need to pay a visit to an old friend of ours called Zoftig Blimp in order to get hold of a batch of Ancarim Sun Tan Lotion. If you plan on making multiple helmets, you should be aware that you will have to split the sun tan lotion into packs of 10 before using them as instructed below.

  Ancarim Sun Tan Lotion

For the completed version of the helmet you will also need to obtain a Carbonum Plate Helmet, QL100 or above. The QL of this helmet will determine the final QL of the product so pick your helmet carefully. To learn how to make your own Carbonum, please read our guide on that as well.

  Carbonum Plate Helmet
- This needs to be QL100 or above

Now when we finally have all the pieces we need, lets start with the process of actually making the helmet. The first step is to use the BBI Tanning acid on the Rollerrat-flesh, thus producing a Tanned piece of the flesh.

  + =   Tanned Piece of Rollerrat Flesh
This is the first step in creating a Rollerrat Helmet.

This, the first step to greatness, takes 49 Agility and 90 Chemistry skill, so its not too hard to accomplish even for the troxiest of us. The next step is to hack our Mastercomm device with the Hacker tool.

  + =   Communication Device
This simple communication device is most commonly used with various types of headgear, like the Rollerrat Helmet.

This takes 5 times the QL of the Mastercomm in Breaking & Entry skill to accomplish and you will end up with a Communication Device which we will now use for the next step. Combine the Tanned piece of rollerrat flesh on the Communication device and you will end up with something called a Fragile Rollerrat Helmet.

  + =   Fragile Rollerrat Helmet
The helmet is almost ready to put on, but it is highly recommended that you first smear a full tube of Ancarim
Sun Tan Lotion on the surface of the helmet to make it last.

This step also has very low requirements, probably because the QL of the pieces involved are QL20 or considered Special. The next and "final" step before the rear-end of our beloved little screamy critter becomes headwear for the fashionable is to combine the Ancarim Sun Tan Lotion with the Fragile Rollerrat Helmet in order to make it last.

  + =   Simple Rollerrat Helmet
This helmet is made from one piece of Rubbery Rollerrat Flesh. You can probably add more layers of flesh to make it protect you even better.

You should have had little trouble combining your low QL Rollerrat headwear. The next bit gets tricker though. As you notice, this piece of headwear is only QL10, but by adding the rest of our 9 pieces of Tanned Rollerrat Flesh to it, we will end up with an Excellent Rollerrat Helmet instead at QL100!

  + =   Excellent Rollerrat Helmet
This helmet is made from 10 layers of Rubbery Rollerrat Flesh. No more layers can be added. Maybe you can
upgrade it in some other way instead.

Each of the added fleshpieces will increase the QL of the helmet by 10, and the requirements for combining them are 4.5 times the QL of the helmet in both Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering. Since this is the final step of the first version of the helmet, we might as well take a look at the stats it provide as well as how it looks. Enter.. the Gardengnome.

    Excellent Rollerrat Helmet

Projectile AC 410
Melee AC 450
Energy AC 280
Chemical AC 450
Radiation AC 280
Cold AC 280
Poison AC 375
Fire AC 280

Stamina 290
Agility 240


Nano Resist 20

The helmet adding to both NCU and Max Nano is very nice, as are the AC bonuses from it, effectingly being one of the nicer headgears around. The Energy AC being a bit low is a drawback however but still a nice piece of armor. Can it be improved further? Oh yes indeed it can..

What we need to do now is to Disassemble it. Using our trusty little screwdriver on the helmet will produce a disassembled version of it.

  + =   Disassembled Rollerrat Helmet
These are the pieces of a disassembled, Excellent Rollerrat Helmet. Combining them with the right kind of organic type plate helmet would probably work.

This requires you to have 450 Mechanical and Electrical Engineering skills to achieve. Now to the final part in making our Rollerrat Carbonum Helmet. All we need to do is to wrap the disassembled bits of Rollerrat buttocks around the Carbonum helmet, and hey presto! Yet again we have upgraded our helmet!

  + =   Rollerrat Carbonum Helmet
This helmet is a product of an Excellent Rollerrat Helmet combined with a high quality Carbonum Plate Helmet.

Combining the Disassembled Rollerrat Helmet with the Carbonum Helmet requires you to have at least 5 times the QL of the Carbonum Helmet in Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering skills.

Lets take a look at a Rollerrat Carbonum Helmet at QL200 to see what it looks like and what kind of stats it will add to you except the joy of wearing it naturally.

    Rollerrat Carbonum Helmet

Projectile AC 820
Melee AC 900
Energy AC 560
Chemical AC 900
Radiation AC 560
Cold AC 560
Poison AC 750
Fire AC 560

Stamina 580
Agility 476


Nano Init 8
Nano Resist 20
Max Nano 140

The final version at QL200 gives very nice AC modifiers and also some rather nice effects such as NCU and max nano. The requirements on it might be a bit harsh but looking at the armor itself statwise its definitely worth it, so strap on your leather trenchcoat, get that helmet on and you'll be travelling back in time to World War II in a jiffy!

Last updated 25.April 2003

Angelbot, Atlantean

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