Armor & Production: Sentinel Armor
  The equivalent of the Omni-Tek Armed Forces armor is called 'Sentinel' armor and if you've ever wanted to wear a goat on your head, this is definately the armor you want. Even if you don't want a goat on your head, this armor is really nice, and well worth the investment in time getting.      
  Since it came onto the servers, the Sentinel and Omni-Armed forces armor has been something that's been causing a rush to the areas of Wailing Wastes and Avalon.

This is the place that you want to go to. Careful though, its fiercely guarded by a whole gang of mean Omni-Tek personnel loathe to part with their ubah gear. Flying into the dome might be hard enough and well inside you might as well get used to the idea of "aggro" because if you don't do it just right, there will be plenty of that thing going on.

The exact location of the Omni-Tek base in Avalon is 800 x 1600 and you might want to bring a couple of teams along for the ride.

There are two people in this dome that will drop what you are looking for - Supplymaster Eel and General Kaehler Jr. First lets look at the Supplymaster.

  This is the one. If you've ever done the quest for the tower-weapons, you'll recognize the looks of Supplymaster Eel. You can find him at 820 x 1660 inside the dome - if he's not there, it might be that someone called him away for an urgent meeting, and he'll be back within 3 hours. Well, either that or he's hugging a reclaim somewhere cursing clanners for killing him. Again.

The supplymaster drops the following items of interest..

A little brown book
A Silver Platter
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Boots
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Gloves
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Pants
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Sleeves

The little brown book and the Silver Platter has about a 50% chance of dropping, so if you're looking for those two, you might have to whack the good Mr. Eel a few times. As for the other items, there is a random chance of them dropping, and at times, if you're lucky, he'll even drop duplicates. If you get the Silver Platter, you will need someone's head to put on it and whose head would be better than...

...this fellas? General Kaehler Jr, the scourge of the clans, the master of disaster, the king of sting, and soon someone that you and your crew will turn into a wet spot on the ground!

You can find General Kaehler Jr at 780 x 1630 inside the dome, together with a couple of his flunkies.

General Kaehler Jr. doesn't only drop the head but also a random amount of armorpieces just like the Supplymaster, so if you get the chance to do them both in one fell swoop, it might be a good idea to do so.

Just like the Supplymaster, General Kaehler has a 3 hour respawn-period, so if he's not there, you might want to fire up that barbecue and roast a few omni's over it.

If and when you've been lucky enough to grab your book, silverplatter and head, or other pieces of DNA-locked Omni-Tek armor, you'll want to head back to the clans very own Supplymaster - Supplymaster Smug, which resides in Wailing wastes northeast corner at the eastern part of the outpost.

Strike up a conversation with Smug and you'll soon notice that he's looking for Omni-Armed forces armor, so lets give him what you got and you'll receive your just reward, one of the Superior Sentinel Armor pieces! If you happen to be lucky enough and gotten yourself Kaehlers head on a platter, you will need to find Commander Frederickson instead as it's Frederickson that will give you the Superior Sentinel body and not the Supplymaster.

  Traded     Superior Sentinel Armor Helmet
Sentinel Armor superficially resembles bone and straps of leather. This is not the case; it is actually a very sophisticated armor. What looks like bone is specially treated Metaplast.
    Traded     Superior Sentinel Body Armor
    Traded     Superior Sentinel Armor Pants
    Traded     Superior Sentinel Armor Boots
    Traded     Superior Sentinel Armor Gloves
    Traded     Superior Sentinel Armor Sleeves

Be advised - it might take quite a while to get a whole set but it will be worth it as we're sure you can see when we take a look at the complete set below...

    4050 Chemical AC
4250 Melee AC
4250 Radiation AC
4250 Projectile AC
4250 Energy AC
4250 Cold AC
3190 Fire AC
4250 Poison AC

+10 Sense
+9 Agility
+8 Intelligence
+8 Psychic

Requirements to wear
Stamina 550
Strength 550
Level: 190
Faction: Clan

+720 Max Health
+68 Max NCU
+60 Runspeed
+10 BioMet
+8 Treatment
+14 Ranged Init
+14 Melee Init
  +22 Assault Rifle
+14 2h Edged
+14 2h Blunt
+14 Ranged Energy
+10 Shotgun
+8 Rifle
+8 Bow
+8 Melee Energy

+12 FullAuto
+10 Burst
+10 SneakAttack
+10 FastAttack
+9 FlingShot
+8 AimedShot
+8 Brawl
+8 Dimach

+16 Evade Close Combat
+16 Perception
+38 MapNavigation
+8 Parry
+8 Electrical Engineering
+8 Computer Literacy

Final Word
The Sentinel Armor is definately one of the best armors there are for members of the clan, and something thats worthwhile camping for - the armor itself has a massive amount of stats-increases as with the Omni-Tek equivalent (Omni-Armed Forces) but lacks the special Tank-armor equivalent which Omni-Tek gets. Even so, the armor is really nice, especially when combined with other high-end armor like Azure.

Last updated 19. March 2004

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