Armor & Production: Crepuscule Unit Armor
  The Crepuscule armorsets are one of the new armors from the Shadowlands that the Xan units wore to battle, and thanks to the miracles of Notum and Novictum, now you can too! Follow us as we take you through the steps of camping for and making the Crepuscule armorsets!      
The Crepuscule Armor sets are quite rare and not as easy to come by as you'd like. These sets, unlike the regular Unit-sets has to be handcrafted individually and the components of the sets can be quite hard to come by.

There are five sets in total - unlike the Symbiants these sets are not restricted to professions, although they clearly follow in the same path as the other sets in what bonuses they add to its wearer (more about this later)...

Artillery Unit - Ranged Weapons
Infantry Unit - Close Combat
Control Unit - Tradeskills
Extermination Unit - Nanoskills
Support Unit - Generic
First lets take a look at what we'll need to hunt down, because oh yes, you will need to hunt it down. What you will need for a complete set are Novictum Spangled Hides of various sizes and shapes. You will need seven pieces in total, as follows...

    Small Patch of Hard Novictum Spangled Hide
- Used to make Skinchip
    Patch of Soft Novictum Spangled Hide
- Used to make Sleeves
(you will need two of these)
    Large Patch of Hard Novictum Spangled Hide
- Used to make Chestplate
    Small Patch of Soft Novictum Spangled Hide
- Used to make Gloves
    Large Patch of Soft Novictum Spangled Hide
- Used to make Pants
    Patch of Hard Novictum Spangled Hide
- Used to make Boots

These can be found as random drops on mobs all over Shadowlands, although the droprate is a lot better on the boss-mobs in the various camps. Before you go out hunting there is something you should be aware of - it's been reported that it is possible to combine the smaller patches with each other into Large patches - combining three Small Hard Patches will combine into a Large Hard Patch for instance.

It might take a while to hunt these down and while you're at it, you might want to keep your eyes out for a couple of these babies as well...

  Canister of Pure Liquid Notum
This special canister is filled with pure liquid notum from one of the shadowland mining installations.

These also drop from the bossmobs, and you'll need one canister per armorpart. Make sure the Canister is not lower than 20% of the Novictum Hide or you will find it quite impossible to complete the process (as an example - if your hide is a QL200 hide, you will need at least a QL160 Canister for the process to work).

We will also need seven Spirit Baubles - and this is where it gets tricky. You will need to know what kind of armor you want to create and try to collect the Spirit Baubles accordingly. Keep in mind that these are quite rare, so if you do happen upon them, even those you won't use yourself, it might be a good idea to hold onto them in case one of your friends would like one.

    Spirit Bauble of Artilley Expertise
    Spirit Bauble of Infantry Expertise
    Spirit Bauble of Control Expertise
    Spirit Bauble of Support Expertise
    Spirit Bauble of Extermination Expertise

As you can see, the five types of Spirit Baubles corresponds nicely with the five unit armors available and just like with the other ingredients, these drop from bossmobs once in a while, so better pack some sammiches because you'll be doing quite a bit of camping in order to obtain a full set. Like with the Canisters, you'll need Spirit Baubles that are not lower than 20% of the QL of the Novictum Hide for the process to work.

Once you've gotten yourself all the ingredients for a set its time to combine them! The first step is to use a Canister of Pure Liquid Notum on each of the Novictum Hide Parts to make it into a Living Hide part.

  + =   Large Patch of Hard Living Hide
A stabilized patch of living hide, saturated with a symbiosis of notum and novictum.

This step requires you to have 5.5 times the QL of the Novictum Hide in your Nano Programming skill, so for a QL200 Hide you will need at least 1100 Nanoprogramming. Keep in mind that the hides go all the way from QL1 to QL300, so I'm sure you can imagine the higher ones are quite hard to construct. The screams of our neighbourhood atrox enforcer can still be heard on dark nights as he tries to combine the QL300 parts..

For the next step, first a warning. The end-result of this step will land you with a NODROP item, so it is not a good idea to have someone else do this for you. Simply rub the Spirit Bauble of your choice against the hide and you'll end up with a completed armorpart!

  + =   Artillery Crepuscule Leather Jacket
The shoulder areas of this jacket have received extra padding to better protect against hits from melee weapons. The covering of the soft abdomen area is also reinforced.

This step requires you to have 4.5 times the QL of the hide in Computer Literacy to complete.

Its time to look at the completed armor. Below we have listed only one set of armor, since a complete listing would explode the guide (there are tons of modifiers to each armor). We recommend that you check out AODB's excellent database about the various armorsets if you want detailed information about them. The Armor set below is an Artillery Unit set interpolated at QL200.

    Artillery Unit set

Chemical AC 1403
Cold AC 2341
Energy AC 2811
Fire AC 2341
Melee AC 2341
Poison AC 1403
Projectile AC 2811
Radiation AC 1403

Agility 637
Strength 637
Max Health +441
Critical Increase +1%
Ranged Init +28
Dodge Ranged +51
Runspeed +24
Concealment +50

Pistol +28
MG/SMG +32
Rifle +34
Shotgun +33
Ranged Energy +32
Grenade +14
Flingshot +22
Aimed Shot+34
Burst +12
Full Auto +20
Multiranged +24

Final word
As you can see, the complete set (keep in mind - no backslot or pads armor parts) looks quite nice and does indeed have some rather spiffy bonuses. However, the AC characteristics of the whole set is quite sub-par to anything of the same QL. We highly suspect that one of the reasons the Xan are no longer with us is because they wore this armor in battle instead of the much more groovy Tier-armors. The modifiers are very nice though and if you're missing those extra 10-20 points in a skill to equip a weapon, or if you are missing a few points in a tradeskill to complete a process, you might want to try to get yourself a set of Crepuscule armor. And it does look really neat!

Last updated 20. February 2004

Byrn, Testlive

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