Armor & Production: Tier1 Jobe Armor
  After you've gotten yourself the Basic Jobe Suit, you might be looking forwards to getting the first customized Jobe Armor - the Tier 1 Armor. And we got the lowdown on how to get your filthy mittens on it!      
Firstly, you ought to know that the Tier1 armor is a quite timeconsuming task. You will need a lot of time and you might want to get yourself a few comrades since some of the mobs we're about to hit are quite nasty.

First things first though - if you havent gotten the Basic Jobe Suit - now is the time, you'll need it in order to get the Tier1 armor built. Notable at this stage is that not all of the Basic Jobe Armor parts can be upgraded - you'll need to wait with the pads, backpack and helmet - tuck those away in your wardrobe and grab the other pieces and lets hit it!

    Jobe Suit Vest     Jobe Suit Sleeves  
    Jobe Suit Pants     Jobe Suit Gloves  
    Jobe Suit Boots          

The first thing we need to do after getting the Basic Jobe Suit is to travel a little. Our travels will take us into Elysium and Scheol. If you're fairly highlevel and have a team, you might want to go directly to Scheol. What we're going to do is waltz into the Archaic Dungeons of Roch's Keep and The Court, looking for Visions and Embryos - and not just any Visions.. you'll need to find the correct Vision for your profession, as you can see from this little table below.


Visions of the Unshakable
- Enforcer
- Engineer
- Keeper
- Martial Artist
- Shade

    Visions of The Reposeful
- Adventurer
- Doctor
- Fixer
- Meta-Physicist
- Trader
    Visions of the Tempestuous
- Agent
- Bureaucrat
- Nano-Technician
- Soldier

The best place to get the Visions and Embryos is in Scheol at either Rochs Keep near the Temple Bog at 1700 x 380 or in the Redeemed Temple near The Court at 590 x 420, although they do exist in the dungeons of Utopolis in Elysium as well. If you opt to go to Elysium, you should know that Embryos here are rare - in fact, they will most usually only drop from the bosses in the dungeon. Visions are frequent even in Elysium though so if you want to get those fast, we recommend the dungeon in Utopolis, Central Elysium, as your first stop.

These are nasty, foul-smelling and angrier than a Rollerrat in a slingshot. The inhabitants of the Archaic Dungeons of Scheol and Elysium are filled with them, they're called Spawns of Ann'wn and they dont like you even the teensiest bit.

The spawns of Cwn Ann'wn are far from the only bloodthirsty mobs you will encounter in the Archaic Dungeons however as you will notice, everything from sentient amoebas to robotic machinery is out to get you and pound you into next week. Its a very good idea to bring a healer and a calmer into these dungeons as the mobs are no easy pickings - especially nasty are the slimy amoebas who insist on sucking your ability to cast nanoprograms from you, so if the doctor of the team starts screaming it might be a good idea not to pull those extra 5-6 mobs "just for fun".

Now for the loot.. apart from some miscellaneous items of interest, like mentioned before - what we're looking for are Visions for your profession and Embryos.

You will need one Embryo and three Visions for each armorpart you want to create. This is a total of 18 Visions and 6 Embyos, so bring your lunch, its camping time.

  Consanguineal Embryo of Annwn
Small bladdery and bloody clump of tissue.
This repugnant organism can on occations be seen floating in the rivers of Acheron
and Lethe.

Once you're done with the Archaic Dungeons and spent two months in therapy we need to obtain some more things. You will need to get some profession-specific Novictum and a bunch of Cannisters of Pure Liquid Notum. You will need QL50 or higher Cannisters in order to complete the process, which you can retrieve from Elysium-bosses with relative ease.


Canister of Pure Liquid Notum
This special canister is filled with pure liquid notum from one of the shadowland mining installations.

    Novictum Sand
Many attempts have been made
at describing what Novictum really is.

The best place by far to find both these items is the Spirits outside of Ergo in Scheol. The spiritmobs will randomly drop Novictum and the bosses will drop Cannisters of Pure Liquid Notum once in a while. The Novictum is not nodrop, so you can safely keep any extras for your friends.

You will need one novictum per armor part - with a team killing spirits it can still take a few hours though so you'll have to be patient.

For convenience purposes we made you a table of what novictum you need:

Adventurer Novictum Mud
Agent Transparent Novictum Gas
Bureaucrat Radient Novictum Gas
Doctor Pure Novictum Liquid
Enforcer Compact Novictum Stone
Engineer Crystalized Novictum
Fixer Mist of Novictum
Keeper Spongy Novictum
Martial Artist Novictum Sand
Meta-Physicist Plastic Novictum
Nano-Technician Caustic Novictum
Shade Carbonized Novictum Stone
Soldier Porous Novictum Stone
Trader Fragmented Novictum Crystals

With all the pieces now ready, save for a number of Cannisters of Pure Liquid Notum that you'll need to get later on, we're now ready to start the process of upgrading your Basic Jobe Suit set. You will need to travel back to Jobe and seek out your profession IPS representative in any of the shops in Jobe.

Hand him or her three of the Visions and one Embro and you will get yourself a Glyph. The Glyph you receive will be used in making your armor, and is Unique, which means that you cant hand in all the Visions and Embryos at the same time. In our case, its a Yellow Glyph of Ocra.

  Yellow Glyph of Ocra
This ancient piece of machinery was made in bygone times - before ruin befell the Shadow Lands.

Now grab hold of your Cannister of Pure Liquid Notum and use it on your Glyph in order to awaken the spirit inside the glyph and make it receptive.. Thankfully enough the Glyph is not nodrop, so if you dont have the skills for the next two steps, finding someone that has wont be too much of a bother.

  + =   Yellow Glyph of Ocra - Awakened
This ancient piece of machinery was made in bygone
times - before ruin befell the Shadow Lands.

Combining the Notum and the Glyph takes 550 in Quantum Physics to achieve. Now you need to wrap your glyph around the specialized Novictum you obtained earlier.

  + =   Glyph of the One
This glyph gives benefits only to Metaphysicists.

This requires you to have 600 Psychology and will land you with the final Glyph you need. The only thing left to do now is to combine the Glyph with the armor piece of your choice and voila! Your very first Tier1 Armor part!

  + =   First Tier Metaphysicist Body Armor
Plastic Novictum in combination with the living, yellow glyph of Ocra, has made this Jobe armor piece stronger and more flexible.

This last step requires you to have 450 Computer Literacy, and cannot be done by anyone else as the armor is nodrop, so get those complit-implants ready if you dont meet the requirements..

To upgrade the rest of the parts of your armor, you will now need to find more Cannisters of Pure Liquid Notum. A few quick trips to Scheol and back and you ought to have your armor soon enough.

As you might've noticed, the armor is QL100 - the armor will ugprade itself when you rightclick it, increasing both its statistics and requirements. The levelling range for this armor is 100-160, so keep rightclicking until it hits that limit. Below are examples of the Meta-Physicist and Enforcer Tier 1 Armor at QL160. The statistics and bonuses will vary from profession to profession as you can see from these examples.

    Armor Class
Projectile AC 2290
Melee AC 2665
Energy AC 2665
Fire AC 2290
Cold AC 2290
Radiation AC 2665
Chemical AC 2665
Poison AC 2665

Intelligence 585
Psychic 480
Max Health: 100
Max Nano: 300
1H Blunt: 16
2H Blunt: 16
Runspeed: 16
Melee Init: 15

    Armor Class
Projectile AC 3320
Melee AC 3320
Energy AC 3320
Fire AC 2730
Cold AC 2730
Radiation AC 2730
Chemical AC 3320
Poison AC 3320

Stamina 585
Strength 480
Max Health: 350
Melee Init: 40
Sneak Attack: 30
Fast Attack: 30
Runspeed: 20

Final word
As you can see from the stats, the armor is far from impressive - keep in mind though that this is the armor without helmet, pads or backslot items. What really is worth noting are the requirements which, for QL160 armor are abnormally high, almost breaking the 600 limit (where we can find armors such as Omni-Tek Armed Forces, Sentinel Armor and Azure). Still, its one step out of many in order to get the coveted Faithful/Chosen tier armors!

Last updated 23.December 2002

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