General Crafting : Carbonrich Rock Locations
  Want to make that Nano Crystal, but you're missing a Carbonrich Rock and you haven't got the first clue as to where they can be found? We intend to show you where and how!      
  What are Carbonrich Rocks?
If you are asking yourself this, then odds are that you are not familiar with the process of creating a Nano Crystal from an instruction disc. A Carbonrich Rock is the very raw material used in the process of making a nano crystal, and one that thankfully can be found just lying around in the sun having a good time.

Where can I find them?

As you might have noticed, Carbonrich Rocks can be found as loot in chests or on mobs. There is a slightly greater chance to find one if the mob is located in the wilderness. Also - very high level mobs have a tendency to drop these often as well, but there is a slight catch to it, as you know if you have read the guide on how to make Nano Crystals. You can't just get any rock for any disc. Or rather - you can, but combining a QL40 disc with a QL170 rock requires great skill, and is such a waste. Personally, I tend to discard any rocks over QL213 that I find, since there really is a major breaking point in requirements at QL210. There are also numerous places scattered across Rubi-Ka where Carbonrich Rocks can be found just lying on the ground.

  Central Artery Valley, 1200 x 1000  
Central Artery Valley might not be the safest place in the world for harvesting these rocks. However, you can feel at rest if you have a Yalmaha, since flying down, nipping a rock and then heading off is a perfectly plausible strategy, unless of course there are hostile plantlife around the area.

The Quality level of rocks in this area ranges from around 70 to 250.

  Southern Artery Valley, 2600 x 2900  
Southern Artery Valley can be just as dangerous as Central Artery Valley to the unwary traveller, but as mentioned before, your Yalmaha can really keep you out of trouble. If you looked at our Landmarks-guide for the Carbon Crystal, you will recognize this place.

The quality level of rocks in this area ranges from around 15 to 60, so this location is nice for lower levels really.

  Deep Artery Valley, 1700 x 2950  
This is definitely the most dangerous of all the Carbonrich Rock-fields. It's not really a field as such, it is an island called "Golem Island" and is also home to a couple of very very nasty mobs, including a Lava Golem and a Painlord. Some people have grown quite fond of testing themselves in this circular whirlpool of death and start at the entrance, and try to get as far in (and possibly out again) as possible without getting killed.

The quality level of rocks in this area ranges from around 70 to 250.

  Broken Shores, 2350 x 3900  
Located at the eastern border north of the Omni-Tek outpost, the Carbonrich Rock fields of Broken Shores are really quite a sight. Very few mobs are roaming here, although the ones that do are around level 90-130.

The Quality level of rocks in this area ranges from around 1 to 125, with the extremely lower level rocks and 100+ rocks being the hardest ones to find. If you are looking for rocks in the quality level range of 50-80, this place is a goldmine.

  4 Holes, 750 x 1600  
Scattered all around 4Holes, you might find that the rocks in this area are really low and obviously more suited for the lower levels as the wildlife is nowhere near as hostile as in the Artery Valleys or in Broken Shores. The rocks aren't really gathered in large fields, but spread out across the whole zone, so we only listed one coordinate for you, the closest one to the grid-in.

The quality level of these rocks ranges from around 1 to 60

  Avalon , 1700 x 750  
One of two places in Avalon where you can find Carbonrich Rocks, the area of the Nanofreaks Abode in Avalon provides you with a nice selection of mid-level rocks. It also provides you with some mobs around level 100 so be careful when visiting there, you might want to bring along the stims as well as the beer for this camping trip.

The quality level of rocks in this area ranges from 1 to 100 with the higher ones being the rarer ones. A very nice place to get some mid-range rocks around QL30-70.

  Avalon , 2450 x 1300  
The Three Brothers Volcano-area is really an interesting sight, with the Notum Tree obviously being a nice centrepiece of it all. The second place in Avalon, the
Notum Tree provides you with another nice selection of rocks. Also, the only real danger here is falling into the lava, so you won't have to worry about mobs bearing down on you. We do recommend you wear fireproof underwear though.

Quality level in this area is in the range of say 50-100.

Final Word

Please do remember to get a rock that is the same, or slightly higher in quality level as your Instruction Disc is - it really helps out the Nano Crystal Maker. If you are a Nano Crystal Maker, take this opportunity by grabbing some backpacks and go collecting, you wont regret it. Also please note that it IS possible to find slightly higher or lower rocks than the list we have, however it is very rare indeed. The true QL range of the sites may differ a bit but the main bulk of the rocks will be found at around the QL listed here.

Last updated 10. December 2002

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