General Crafting: Nanocrystal Creation
  The construction of Nano Crystals from discs is the very foundation of tradeskills. Its also the most complex procedure there is, and if the in-game description in the instruction-book daunts you, here is our version of the same guide. Easy as taking candy from a rabid rhino!      
Before I start this guide, I would like to say that this is among the most complex tradeskill procedures there is, simply because it involves a lot of different skills, a lot of different objects and also, a wish to willingly submit yourself to the pain of going through this whole thing over and over because when people finds out you are able to combine nanos, you have an endless stream of people calling you up threatening to boil various bodyparts in oil unless you help them out. No - its not really that bad, I'm just kidding, don't hurt me! There are two separate parts for making a nano crystal, one involves the disc, and one involves getting a Carbonrich rock and reworking it into a Program Crystal. In this example, I will use a Disc I think most people are familiar with from the Fixer Community and one that everyone drools over to boot; a Grid Armor MK1 disc. I am using this as an example on how to build nanos from discs - getting specific discs, especially rare ones like the Grid Armor, is something we wont go into in this guide, simply because thats not what the guide is about.

  Instruction Disc (Summon Grid Armor Mk I)
This QuarkStor(tm) data storage disc contains the raw
nanobot AI programming for the nano program Summon
Grid Armor Mk I

The first part directly involves manipulating the disc. You will need a Symbol Library (there are multiple libraries, the disc description will tell you which kind to get - in our case - its a "Space Symbol Library" as read in the description for the disc) for the disc and a Photon Particle Emitter. These two objects are available in your local Nano Crystal Components shop.

  Symbol Library - Space
QL for this item cannot be below 25% of the disc. For us,
this means a QL15 Symbol Library will be required.

  Photon Particle Emitter
QL for this item cannot be below 50% of the disc. In our
case, a QL30 PPE will suffice. Lower than that and it will
not work.

Don't worry about getting high QL of these two items, they're really cheap and its better to get a high one than a low one - this wont make a dent in your wallet - the components for making discs are really cheap nowadays, and you don't have to worry about this ruining your day. Start by combining the Disc with the Symbol Library, and you will end up with a Compiled Algorithm. Doing this requires 4 times the QL of the disc in both Nanoprogramming and Computer Literacy skills.

  + =   Compiled Algorithm (Summon Grid Armor Mk I)
This is the fully linked nanobot coding for the nano
program Summon Grid Armor Mk I

Now use the Photon Particle Emitter on your Compiled Algorithm and you will end up with a Programmed Photon Particle Emitter(or PPPE) for the nanocrystal you are making. This step requires 4.25 times the QL of the Compiled Algoritm in Nanoprogramming.

  + =   Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (Summon Grid Armor Mk I)
This Photon Particle Emitter has been programmed with nanobot coding

Thats the end of the first part, next is the slightly harder part - working the carbonrich rock.

  Carbonrich Rock
QL of this should be equal to or slightly higher than the QL of
the disc you are making. In our example, we are using a
QL72 Carbonrich Rock.

You can find Carbonrich rocks on bosses, regular mobs, or even in the wilderness! If you want to know how to get a Carbonrich rock simply by picking it off the ground, please check out our guide for that as well! One important thing to remember here - try to get a Carbonrich Rock that is just a couple of QL's over the disc itself - I've seen so many people running around with QL200 Carbonrich Rocks and a QL90 nano they want done and they keep wondering why noone can help them - "Its the rock, baby". You will also need a Jensen Personal Ore Extractor, an Isotope Separator and a Neutron Displacer - all three available in the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components store.

  Jensen Personal Ore Extractor
The Jenson POE needs to be at least 25% QL of the rock.
We got ourselves a QL188 one, in case we should ever need
one that high.

  Isotope Separator
QL of the Isotope Separator needs to be at least 50% of that
of the rock itself. Since we were thinking ahead a bit, we got
ourselves a QL166 one.

  Neutron Displacer
QL of this item needs to be 50% of the rock. Again - we aimed
a bit higher than this for future purposes (ql212 discs) and go
ourselves a QL150 one.

Now, to the actual process - first use the Jensen POE on the Carbonrich Rock, producing some Carbonrich Ore (don't sniff, dangerous fumes that makes you see smurfs!) - this takes 3 times the QL of the rock in Mechanical Engineering skills.

  + =   Carbonrich Ore
This piece of ore contains a very high concentration of
near-pure carbon crystals.

Next, take the Isotope Separator and use it on the Carbonrich Ore, and you will end up with a Pure Carbon Crystal, it takes 3.75 times the QL of the Carbonrich Ore in both Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering to do this, but the result is so shining, yes my precious, so shining, and its all mine, its all Sméagols!

  + =   Pure Carbon Crystal
This crystal is made of pure carbon and is without flaw.
Such carbon crystals are used in the construction of nano crystals.

Pick up the Neutron Displacer and use it on the Pure Carbon Crystal and you will end up with a finished Program Crystal - this step requires 4.25 times the Pure Carbon Crystal in both Mechanical Engineering and Field Quantum Physics skills, and its here that things tend to get hairy, because getting all skills up at the same time is a real pain, especially at QL170 and above.

  + =   Program Crystal
This crystal has had a storage matrix carefully etched
into it with a Neutron Displacer.

Now, you will need to visit the Nano Crystal Components shop again, to pick up a Crystal Reflection Pattern (like with the Symbol Library, make sure this is of the same type (or school) as the Nano itself - again, in our case, a Space Crystal Reflection Pattern). You will need it to be 25% of the QL that the Program Crystal is.

  Crystal Reflection Pattern - Space
As mentioned, you will need your Crystal Reflection Pattern to
be at least 25% QL of what the Program Crystal is, in our case,
we got a QL73 Program Crystal, so a QL19 Pattern would be
needed at least (we got a QL80 one)

Combine the Crystal Reflection Pattern with the Program Crystal to produce a Prepared Program Crystal. This takes 4.5 times the QL of the Program Crystal in your Electrical Engineering and Field Quantum Physics knowledge skills. Only one step away from our completed Grid Armor Mk1.

  + =   Prepared Program Crystal - Space
This crystal is ready to store the coding of a nano

Finally, combine the PPPE with the Prepared Program Crystal and you should have your Nano Crystal! This last step takes 4.7 times the QL of the Prepared Program Crystal in Nanoprogramming skill and 4.5 times the QL in Mechanical Engineering to complete.

  + =   Nano Crystal (Summon Grid Armor Mk I)
Nano Crystal - This temporarily creates a Multi-Spatial Phasing Beacon, which is used by fixers

This is usually where something bad happens, keep in mind that if the servers go down while you are trading someone something, it will be forever lost. My recommendation is uploading it directly, zoning, and saving. Then again, I'm about as paranoid as it comes about stuff like that.

Final word:

Making discs grows exponentially harder as QL increases. Making a QL90 disc isn't that much of a big deal, making a QL150 disc hurts, a QL180 disc and you will be screaming, and at QL200 you will beg for mercy that the nice people in white robes take you away to the nearest asylum and lock you up for good. The reason for this being the cluster locations for Shining Quantum Physical Knowledge clashes with other implants you will need. Its a pain, yes, but if everything was a walk on roses, we'd all have red feet. Or something.

Last updated 21.December 2002

Genfire, Rimor

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