General Crafting: Making Notum Fragments
  Are you tired of finding seemingly worthless ore like Notum Nuggets when you are really looking for Notum Chips or Notum Fragments? Well, don't throw them away, because with a steady hand and a big sledge, you can make your dreams come true...      
Notum Fragments and Notum Chips are very sought-after since they are necessary for making some of the niftier armors out there such as the CAS-Armor, Barter Armor and the Modernized ICC Cloaks, and now you can make your wet dreams about a full set of CAS come true - providing you have the tools and a bunch of Notum Nuggets at your disposal.

You can find Notum Nuggets pretty much everywhere and in all quality levels. The nuggets drops randomly from mobs in both missions and outdoors and if you are lucky enough to find a couple you will be closer to having your dreams of that CAS Armor set fulfilled.

First off, we'll start with the tools of the trade. Which is a hammer. A big hammer. If you have no idea what a Sledgehammer is - they can be found in stores and they look something along the lines of this:

  Premium Sledgehammer of Doom
Sledgehammers were likely tools used for beating upon objects that needed to be
beaten hard, though historical research has not been able to fully reveal their original use.

Don't you just love the sound of your new tool? Don't worry though, you will not need a QL200 hammer for working the Nuggets. The hammer needs to be at least 0.5 times the QL of the Nugget though or the process will not work. We found that our regular storebought QL122 Hammer was quite sufficient to crack the ore into smithereens. Worth noting is that only true sledgehammers will do the job properly - you wont be able to crack anything open with a Paper Hammer or a Bonehammer.

Now for the party-trick. Raise your hammer over your head, pronounce the words "By the Power of Grayskull - I haaaave the poooweeer!" and hit the nugget. Very hard.

  + =   Notum Fragment
A small fragment of unrefined notum.

This simple step requires you to have some Strength times 3 the QL of the Notum Nugget to be precise, so if you are going to crack up a QL200 Nugget, you might want to look up an enforcer for a quick Prodigal Strength buff in order for you to get jiggy with it. Its all worth it though, since the QL of the Notum Fragment will be the same QL as the Notum Nugget. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and mine some ore!

Last updated 09.July 2003

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