Gadgets & Production: Accelerated NCU Memory
  Lacking those extra points of Nano init? Feeling a bit back-heavy every time you execute a nanoprogram or maybe you want them to execute even faster? Well, here's one way to get your Nanoprograms off faster - the accelerated NCU memory even comes with its own speedstripes...      
  First things first. In order to create these memories you might find yourself at a mission booth pulling missions using Cliksaver since they require you to have a number of Nanoformula recompilers at your hand. While this isn't a problem as such, the nanoformula recompiler itself will give you quite the boost to your nano-init. These NCU-memories will in no way make your nano-formula superflous, so don't delete it, you might still want it even if you get a welcome bonus to your initiative using these.

To start off - we'll need NCU-memories. You know - those precious babies that holds your programs and that always runs out when you are buffing? Yes, thats the ones, the ones that took you a good hour or two twinking into - off they come, because we'll need them!

        NCU Memories
Install this NCU Memory inside your Component Platform.

As mentioned before, you will need one recompiler per memory - you will need your recompiler to be at least 0.9 times the QL of the memories for the process to work (IE, for a QL100 memory, you will need a QL90 Recompiler) - in our case we are going to be using QL200 memories as an example so we got ourselves a QL 180 Recompiler. You can get these in missions and as rewards, so they shouldnt be too hard to find.

  Nano Formula Recompiler
This fancy piece of hardware installs in the NCU and tries to actively recompile the programs on the fly, to increase execution speed of the programs.

Now lets take to the store. We'll need a trusty Lock Pick (not the Personal Lockpick since that one only opens boxes and nothing else, like stated in that guide) and a Nano Programming Interface. You can find the Lock Pick in the Tools booth and the Nano Programming Interface in the Devices booth.

    Lock Pick     Nano programming interface  

The first step is to open up the NCU memory with the lockpick. Hacker tools wont work for some reason, probably due to the NCU's being childproof.

  + =   Disconnected NCU Memory
The connection between the memory cells and the nano converser seems to have been cut inside this NCU.

This step takes 3.75 times the QL of the Memory in your Breaking and Entry and Computer Literacy skill to accomplish and will land you with a solid component which we are about to reconfigure soon. But first, we need to alter the Recompiler as well, as such...

  + =   Re-Configured Nano Formula Recompiler
Removing the recompiler database has put the computer
into a sort of permanent stand-by. The hard coded operating modus has somehow been changed from 'advanced improvisation' to 'rapid interpretation and processing'.

This step requires you to have 2.5 times the QL of the Recompiler in Nanoprogramming and 3.5 times the QL in Computer Literacy to accomplish, and now we're almost there, getting wet dreams yet? Well, only one more step to go until you get your all-new racy memory...

  + =   Accelerated NCU Memory
The speed by which this NCU memory works has been slightly increased.

All done! Our precious new memory is completed and ready for installation. Please do note that a finished memory will not only require computer literacy but also some Intelligence to put in but it shouldnt be too much of a hassle to insert these into your belt. A QL200 Accelerated memory will require 500 Intelligence and 750 Computer Literacy and apart from adding the regular 64 NCU it will now add 6 Nano Init as well, something that might come in handy for those extra valuable points.

Last updated 29.May 2003

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