Gadgets & Production: Agression Enhancer
  Proper mob-control in teams? Keeping the aggrivated monsters concentrated on Jimbob the Atrox in the 200 kg Tank armour, and not chasing after the scrawny NT running for his life? What you need is aggression Multipliers, the good ones.      
  First off, the essential basic tool in this procedure is a common Aggression Multiplier. These can be found in missions, or bougth from stores from the Devices booth. The quality level can be anything and will mirror the final product, so get one of the level you need. Next up and the key ingredient is a vial of something called Essence of Pure Jealousy. These can only be found on a specific monster, in a specific place. Namely the static dungeon known as Steps of Madness.

Steps of Madness is located in the Omni-Forest zone in the sub-area Sunken Swamps at 800.0x2844.5

What you are looking for is a floating ball of terror called Jealousy - see the picture above. It's actually quite easy, but does have a lot of hitpoints compared to it's level.

Well back in your workshop, with the aggression Multiplier and the Essence of Jealousy, simply use the essence on the multiplier. This process requires Mechanical Engineering and Weapon Smithing.

  + =   Aggression Multiplier (Jealousy Augmented)
This nifty little item is a great aid for anyone wanting to
move monsters onto themselves.

The vials of Essence of pure Jealousy usually comes in stacks of 3, and although it's possible to split these, you cannot create the item without expending the whole stack.

As far as the usefulness on this item pertains, its debateable. For level 130 and over we don't really see much use of it, perhaps with the new camps that are coming in 14.5 this item will be of more use, since inside missions, keeping mobs on the tanks are usually not much of a big deal since they mostly come 1-3 at a time, not more. For outdoors hunting however, we can imagine this being a good tool for a good tank.

Last updated 11.September 2002

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