Gadgets & Production: Briefcase of Holding
  Are you a crat clad in the newest fashions, wearing your fashionable bow-tie but still want to look more "hungry" for your business meetings? Well - rest assured we have the answer! You my friend, need a briefcase! And it just so happens that we have the lowdown on them.      
  A recent addition to the Crat looks-department is not only a looker, but also something that is extremely useful. Not only can you use it to access your bank from afar, but it can also store your pocket calculator, your leaky pens and palmtop! As it that wasnt enough - you can hit someone over the head with it!

The first thing you will need is something called an order form - in this particular case, the form you want is called OTSC-490 Group A and it can be found in chests or on mobs as a random mission drop.

  Order OTSC-490 Group A
This is a standard material order, probably for an office item. It is issued to some address in the administrative quarters of Rome Green. There is no name attached
to the order, so maybe you can add your own.

Once you have your Order OTSC-490 Group A, you will now need to obtain some other cratsy stuff which you can find in any basic store. You can find the ID-Extractor and the Hologram Camera in your General Tools and Bases booth and the Omni-Tek Multi Form in the Bookstore booth.

    Hologram Camera     ID-Extractor  
    Omni-Tek Multi Form          

Please note that you will need the Omni-Tek Multi Form, not the Clan form or the non-sided - only the sided Omni-Tek Multiform will work for this.

Next you need to combine the order with your ID-Data. This step requires you to have some Psychology skills to complete.

  + =   Personal Order Order OTSC-490 Group A
This is a standard material order, with your name on it.
If you send it to the address in Rome Green you will likely end up with some office item as reward.

Now that we have personalized our existing order all we need to do is combine it with the Multi Form and fax it away to Rome Green Administration for verification. The organization in Rome Green handling requests like this will allow anyone regardless of side to order the Briefcase so its safe for clanners and neutrals alike. This step also requires you to have 375 in your Psychology skill.

  + =   Briefcase of Holding
Being strong is one thing - being smart is better.
Being hit a couple of times with the Laws and Regulations of things, makes the victim convinced he should help you if you ask him/her/it.

Taking a closer look at the Briefcase, its really marvellous what those engineers managed to make it do apart from bringing up the bank terminal whenever you like to...

    Briefcase of Holding

Attack time 1.25 s
Recharge time 1.25 s
Range 2m
Damage 50-125 (91)

Title Level 4
Profession Bureaucrat
Psychology 300
Multi Melee 300

Sensory Improvement 5
Sneak Attack 10
Exp% Modifier 1

Apart from the obvious bonuses to EXP% and SensImp, the briefcase has a 20% chance of hitting its victim with a small Psychic debuff and also, there is a 3% chance that it will cast Improved Authority Figure and Improved Psychology Expertise on you for a grand total of 74 extra psychology. All in all - the briefcase's prime function is of course the availability of a bank-terminal wherever the crat goes but the Exp% and SenseImp bonuses aren't too bad and naturally - if you really want to look like a true pencilhead you will need this.

Last updated 21.April 2003

Gawae, Atlantean

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