Gadgets & Production: Miyashiro Coffee Machine
  Have a hard time suffering through those 4 hour missions? Need to work up a heavy caffeine addiction? Going through all that fighting must take its toll, we recommenda nice cup of warm coffee. - this article brought to you by Miyashiro Coffee House.      
  One of the more obscure items in the game, the Miyashiro Coffee machine is just what you think it is. With this machine you will never have to go another five minutes again without coffee. Also - if you are a 'crat, there is a special machine just for you as well, to enjoy that special coffee to keep you awake during long boardmeetings.. As with many things, there is one item that is a bit harder to get than the rest. In this particular case, its an item called a Small Titan Message Container that looks like a thermos, and as much as I'm sure every agent loves a sip of coffee in the morning to get their killingspree started just right, its not possible to use the crat-only Coffe Machine in false profession.

  Small Titan Message Container
This container is of a type often used to carry courier messages. There's a small hole in the container wall.

This item used be obtained from a specific mob inside the Smugglers Den dungeon called Den Smuggler Pilot, however lately it has been turning up in regular chest-loots as well to the joy of many a coffee-lusting 'crat out there. As for the rest of the items, you can get them from your local shop - they include a Hacker Tool (that must be at least QL75), an ID-Extractor, a Hologram Camera, an Omni-Tek Multiform, a Sealing Cell Kit, and believe it or not, some White Wine.

    Hacker Tool
QL75 or higher
    Omni-Tek Multi Form     Hologram Camera  
    White Wine     Sealing Cell Kit  

The Hacker Tool is available in the Tools or Devices booth, the ID-Extractor and Hologram Camera from the General Tools and Bases booth, the Omni-Tek Multiform and Sealing Cell Kit from the Bookstore and finally, the White Wine can be found at pretty much any local bar, or drinks-vendor such as the ones in the Tradeskills-department of any shop. First, like in many other tradeskill processes, especially the ones in which 'crats are concerned, we need to produce an ID-Data. We do this by using the Hologram Camera on the ID-Extractor. This step takes no skills at all.

  + =   ID-Data
This item contains your own, personal data.

Thats all for preparing the materials we need. The next step in the process is hacking the Tin Message Container with our Hacker Tool. Doing this, we need exactly 200 in Bomb/Disarm skill.

  + =   Sealed Bioplast Folder
Bioplast is a very flexible material.

Now, we need to hack the Sealed Bioplast Folder. Doing this requires some Breaking and Entering skill (as always) and you will end up with an Open Bioplast Folder with a Folded Note.

  + =   Open Bioplast Folder with a Folded Note
The note is sealed and glued to the folder with a Cell-Seal. Sometimes those can be unstuck by using some type of dissolving liquid on them...

By using the White Wine on the Open Bioplast Folder with a Folded Note we now end up with a Folded Note signed by someone named "K". For this you will need 120 in Perception to be able to use the Wine-bottle as a spotwelder.

  + =   Folded Note

Combining the Folded Note with your ID-Data, you will now have a Personal Folded Note. Soon you will be on your way to making enough coffee to support a whole colony of sleepdeprived atroxes. The next steps require you to have 300 Psychology for them to work.

  + =   Folded Note
The note has your identity tied to it. That means that the item it requests from Omni-Tek's stores will be returned to you.

Nearing completion now! Soon about to enjoy many a nice cups of hot steaming coffee..only two more steps to go. The first of which being combining the Personal Folded Note with the Sealing Cell Kit, producing a Sealed Personal Note.

  + =   Sealed Personal Note
The note looks like any other personal order, with a cell-seal to lock the order.

Now, finally complete the Sealed Personal Note with your Omni-Tek Multiform to complete the New Miyashiro Superior Coffee Machine. All we need to do after that is decide on which coffee it is going to make!

  + =   New Miyashiro Superior Coffee Machine
A truly superior design - the Miyashiro Coffee Machine deserves its position as the best Coffee Machine ever made.

In order to make the machine actually produce coffee - you will need either a Carioso Menthol Pseudo-Coffee Block or a Fink Fragrant Morning Enhanced Coffee Block. Both can be gotten from the OT Toys and Curiosities booth in your local Special Shop. This is also being the home of the ever-so-popular Leet Doll.

    Carioso Menthol Pseudo-Coffee Block
Used for making the regular coffee-machine
    Fink Fragrant Morning Enhanced Coffee Block
Used for making the 'crat-only coffee machine

Programming the New Miyashiro Superior Coffee Machine with either of these blocks requires 300 Electrical Engineering and will make it complete, ready to brew cups of warm coffee at any time you need. In between fights, or if you're a bureaucrat - at your desk sorting papers.

  + =   Miyashiro Superior Enhanced Coffee Machine
This machine has been set to produce Fink Enhanced Coffee - a Bureaucrat speciality.

  + =   Miyashiro Superior Menthol Coffee Machine
This machine has been set to produce Menthol Coffee. .

Using the machines will produce cups of coffee that boosts some skills. The menthol coffee boosts psychic and stamina by 1 point, but honestly appears utterly useless as it has to be worn in either hand. You are better off giving this machine away to a 'Crat than end up with that measly reward.

Now the 'Crat coffee is something different entirely. It appears this type can't be worn at all, but is used (the proper way if you ask me) to recieve the buff. It also appears stackable, meaning you can make more and keep a nice stack of them for emergency awekeness, or to open a coffee shop. In addition this coffee is flagged "ApplyOnFriendly" wich suggest you can use a cup from your inventory on another person, like first-aid kits. Just imagine climbing on top of that Tanker in the middle of battle and forcing some hot coffee down his throat when his eyes seem to be slipping!

More so, the 'Crat only coffee have statistics that are rather impressive. One shot of this stuff will boost your Critical Chance by 1, AggDef by 18, All Inititatives by 12, and run & swim speed by 24. The effect seems to last for 5 minutes, but still, quite the interesting buff, and one that surely will make 'Crats an even more welcomed addition to any teams.

Last updated 12.July 2003

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