Gadgets & Production: Enhanced Pads of Dedication
  Its back in black! The all-new and enhanced Pads of Dedication for Omni-Tek has arrived, much to many peoples enjoyment and yet another reason to help Alvin out with some renegade robots...      
This is it - sexy aren't they? No. The pads we mean. The pads have been redesigned to fit better with the Omni-Tek Armed Forces and even though the Omni-AF Armor might not be wearable by neutrals, the Enhanced Pads of Dedication most certainly are. And boy, if they just aint the purtiest thang...

If you don't know it already, the Pads of Dedication can be obtained by doing the Alvin/Dodga quest, which you can read about in our little three-parter guide about that.

If you haven't done the quest, be forewarned that it does involve some heavy duty camping and waiting on spawns, so you might want to do that before reading further.

That said - still with us? Goody!

What we will need in order to modify and repolish the good old pads is an Omnifier. You can find these in missions of any level really - so they wont be that hard to find. You should be aware of that the Omnifier will vaporize after use however, so if you have planned on making some Omni-Tek Carbonum Armor, you might want to nab a few of them for later use.

This container contains a special breed of metamorphing liquid nanobots. It is not unlikely that they are one of the prohibited species that were developed in Last Ditch
by certain neutral organizations.

Once you've gotten your Omnifier, all you need to do is shake it a couple of times and spray the contents all over your pads and voilá - you'll have yourself a brand new set in no-time!

  + =   Enhanced Pads of Dedication
These pads are given as a token of gratitude - a reward for your dedication to the causes of the Omni-Tek corporation. The pads have been upgraded to utilize even more of their potentional.

Lets compare the two to see what exactly has been changed - except of course for the new and nifty color of course - who could ever resist that?

  Pads of Dedication Enhanced Pads of Dedication  
  Projectile AC 100
Melee AC 100
Energy AC 100
Chemical AC 100
Radiation AC 100
Poison AC 100
Cold AC 100
Fire AC 100

Max Health 200
Max Nano 200
First Aid 20

Omni / Neutral
Level 50
Projectile AC 150
Melee AC 150
Energy AC 150
Chemical AC 150
Radiation AC 150
Poison AC 150
Cold AC 150
Fire AC 150

Max Health 250
Max Nano 200
First Aid 20

Omni / Neutral
Level 50

As you can see, the AC has been slightly increased by a whopping 50, and Max Health has been increased by 50 as well. Still - its a very nice piece of shoulderpad. Oh.. and did we mention its black?

Last updated 06.July 2003

Beaexn, Atlantean
Jalousie, Atlantean

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