Gadgets: Hologram Projectors
  For all the agents wanting to save the rain-forests, this is your chance to contribute. Its also a chance to, if you are smart enough, hide yourself away and make things a little bit more difficult in those pesky PvP-situations where you really just want to be alone and kick back with a Plumbo..      
  A while ago, agents were given some really neat stuff, in order to make them feel all warm and cozy inside. The holograms are one of those items.

Holograms lets agents put forth a tree, or a box, or other inanimate objects to hide inside, preventing the ability to directly target them. The holograms has a lifespan of ten minutes, which should be enough for any agent with some self-respect to get off a clean shot on that rampaging atrox enforcer bearing down on you.

Of course, this isn't the only use for the holograms, they can be quite amusing in party situations or in missions when you want to be alone, why not fire up a good old Jokka Tree and pretend you are on a vacation in the Bahamas?

There are a number of different holograms, six of them in fact, ranging from crates to trees, as you can see here - its all about what you will want to disguise yourself as really. Keep in mind to not use your crate in the middle of the wilderness for example, that might look a little bit out of place, and be more of an eye-catcher than anything else really.

  Hologram PD: Mossy Rock
Hologram PD: Rock Block
Hologram PD: Wood Crate
Hologram PD: Barrel
Hologram PD: Jokka Tree
Hologram PD: Metal Crate

The Hologram Projector Datasets has to be obtained from missions - more precisely from mission bosses, but they drop at any level really, so if you doubt your capacities for soloing a level 200 atrox boss with a lust for blood, how about going into Newland Desert or Omni-Forest and lay down the law on some poor hapless leet boss in a dynacamp instead?

Next, you will need to go and buy yourself a Hologram Camera in order to actually project these images. These can be bought from your local General Tools and Bases booth and isn't very expensive.

  Expendable Hologram Camera
This hologram camera can only store one capture, but it is cheap. After being used,
the camera rebuilds into a casing for the Hologram Data Disc.

Once you have gotten the Hologram Camera its an easy process to put them both together, all you need is a steady hand and 150 Electrical Engineering skills, in your example, its going to be a Metal Crate projected.

  + =   Hologram Projector: Metal Crate
The hologram projector reads and creates a hologram of whatever data it has in store. It uses 10 minutes to
recharge before it can make a new hologram.

Remember - by using this item you will lock your Electrical Engineering skills for ten minutes, under which you wont be able to fire up another one - so if you were planning on planting a whole redwood forest in the middle of Old Athens, you will be a bit disappointed.

Last updated 03.November 2002

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