Gadgets & Production: Implant Disassembly Clinic
  One of the newest trinkets in the game since 14.4, and one that has long been coveted, the Implant Disassembly Clinic takes the clusters out of implants, and makes them as good as new.      
  First off - as you already know by now from the introduction, the Implant Disassembly Clinic takes apart implants (destroying the clusters, but keeping the implant intact). This really comes in handy for when you need to redo that QL200 chest and you don't have the time or money to find another one. Closely related to the Treatment Libraries, this handy little gizmo has been the talk of fixer-town for some time now, and a lot of people has misconceptions about it, which we hope to clear up before we start with the guide.

The misconception about the Implant Disassembly Clinic is that only fixers can use it, this is not true. Only fixers are allowed to WEAR it, however - thus giving them a very nice bonus to treatment, similar to the Treatment Libraries. Anyone with enough Breaking and Entering and Nanoprogramming skill can disassemble implants with it, that part has nothing to do with being a fixer, however - it is very much a fixer related item, as you will see when you start shopping the components for it...

Update: If you intend on disassembling implants you might want to know that you need a Implant disassembly Unit that is no lower than 10% of the implant you are cleaning, IE you will need a QL90 Implant Disassembly Unit to decompile a QL100 implant. Like when building a Treatment Library, you will need a Hacker Tool from your nearest Tool or Devices booth, and you will also need a Portable Surgery Clinic - found in missions or in the Medical Supplies booth.

  Hacker Tool
As the protection on many Pills, Blisterpacks, Nano-Charged Items
and Daily Nano-Charged items is very simple, this tool can be used
to 'hack' these items.

  Portable Surgery Clinic
This Surgery Clinic enables the skilled field-physician to help other
people (or herself) install/remove augmentations and implants

The last component is trickier to obtain, since you will need to visit the Fixer Shop which we presented in our Fixer Shop Guide to pick up an Implant Disassembly Unit. This also, probably, contributed to the myth of a "fixer-only item".

  Implant Disassembly Unit
This unit allows inserted clusters to be removed from any kind of
basic implant.

First, hack the Portable Surgery Clinic with your Hacker Tool, just like with the Treatment Libraries, and you will end up with a Hacked Portable Surgery Clinic. As always, when Hacking is involved, this requires Breaking & Entry and Computer Literacy skills (because Portable Surgery Clinics are childproof, which means only children can open them up, the rest of us has to swear and curse about how the hell to get them open, much like bags of potatochips or medicin).

  + =   Hacked Portable Surgery Clinic
The Protection of this Portable Surgery Clinic has been removed, and the ScalperBots disabled.

Now, by inserting the Implant Disassembly Unit into the Hacked Portable Surgery Clinic, you will produce our new little toy, the Implant Disassembly Clinic. Bingo! Presto! Heureka! Other-screams-of-joy!

  + =   Implant Disassembly Clinic
This clinic is used to disassemble normal implants.
It removes all clusters by destroying them and
returns only the Basic Implant.

This last step requires you to have 4.5 times the QL of the Hacked Portable Surgery Clinic in your Electrical Engineering skill.

When you disassemble implants, all you will need is patience, implants, this nifty little thingummy, and both Nanoprogramming and Breaking & Entry skills. It takes exactly 1*QL of the implant in Nanoprogramming, and 4.75 times the QL in Breaking & Entry skills in doing this. And if you are lucky enough to be a fixer, you will find that wearing a QL200 Disassembly Unit is really not very hard - the requirements are way lower than that of the Treatment Libraries, as you can see here...

  Treatment Library Implant Disassembly Clinic  
  Firstaid +12
Treatment +18

Treatment 850
Computer literacy 800
(Fixer only)
Treatment +20

Treatment 475
Computer literacy 475

Last updated 02.August 2003

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