Gadgets & Production: Lock-Pick of Eight
  The Lockpick of Eight might not exactly be what you want to use if you plan on busting open safes and breaking into people's houses, but it does increase some very nice skills, especially if you're a fixer. The only trouble is getting the blasted thing, but we know how!      
  First off, be advised that in order to get hold of this particular item, you will need to do a fair bit of camping at a certain place called Hollow Island. Hollow Island in itself is a special sort of camp, which you can read about more in detail on Faunlore. We really recommend that you go to those two places first in order to find out about this place. Suffice to say, its a highlevel spawn with multiple bosses and if you're allergic to dying, you probably shouldnt go there. Note that this Chip is VERY hard to obtain, read the guides to the camp itself and you will see that it drops off of the eighth brood champion and you better believe those are tough cookies to crack.

If you do decide to you, prepare for some hours of camping, but if luck stands by you, you'll end up with one of these babies in your inventory..

  Chip of the Eight
An advanced transformation chip, using nanobots with a chemical base and an
integrated retinal interface for achieving the best results.

Next we need to go shopping, as are the case with most tradeskilled items. In this particular case, we'll need to get some Bomb Disarmament Tools which can be found
in just about any shop.

  Bomb Disarmament Tools
The Bomb Disarmament Tools are used to remove explosives from hidden places on doors, containers or other places. Hold the item and right-click on the door or object
you want to defuse.

The process in itself is easy enough although we are currently lacking any skills requirements on the process. Before you follow the instructions below, keep in mind that the resulting item will be Nodrop, so if you had in mind to give the Lockpick away, think again and just let the poor fixer have the Chip instead. Now, simply use the Chip of the Eight on your set of Bomb Disarmament Tools...

  + =   Lockpick of Eight
The Masters of Eight are many and they are one.

...and you'll end up with the finished item. The Lockpick itself is really not a lockpick, but an allpurpose tool that will fit nicely into your Utils-slots or Hud-slots. Taking a look at the item itself reveals the following statistics.

  Lock-Pick of Eight

BreakingEntry 16
TrapDisarm 16
MaxNCU 16
NanoProgramming 16
RunSpeed 16


Computer Literacy 850
Title Level 6
Profession Fixer

The additional NCU cant hurt and is of course the main reason to get one, although the other bonuses aren't shabby at all either, so if you really need those extra points in Breaking&Entry.

Last updated 30.August 2003

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