Gadgets & Production: Mechanical Analyzer
  Engineers ahoy! This trinket might be something you want to get hold of if you are able to - the Mechanical Analyzer adds a small (but still useful) buff to your Mechanical Engineering skills - and its not at all hard to come by, so take a look and we'll show you the ropes.      
  The Mechanical Analyzer is as we said an Engineer-only item that boosts your Mechanical Engineering by a small amount, but as anyone knows thats dabbling in tradeskills - there is no small amount when you have those 2-3 points missing in a skill, so load up your bots, because we're about to go hunting for a Technoscavenger Brain.

  Technoscavenger Brain
The brain of a technoscavenger. It's more complicated than many people might think.

The mobs that drop these are (surprised look) Technoscavengers naturally! We're sure you've seen them around - they're the harmless little robotjunk-gatherers of Rubi-Ka and happily plod along in various areas gathering junk and robot pieces. To take a look at what they look like and to present you with some hunting areas, look below and you'll probably recognize them.

Some popular locations

Bot Mountain in Greater Tir County (1650 x 2200)

Oasis Acidpool in Newland Desert (2850 x 700)

The Junkyard area in Athen Shire (1600 x 950)

It might take you a few kills in order to get hold of one, but you'll be all the happier once you do. Be very aware of that this is a NODROP item, so don't let the loothungry atrox enforcer get hold of it or its back to base one.

After having busted some heads, its time to go to the shop in order to obtain some other goodies we'll need to make this brain into a fully functional Mechanical Analyzer. The first thing we'll need is a trusty Screwdriver (and we don't mean the drinkable sort) and a Bio-Analyzing Computer. You can find the Screwdriver in the Tools for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering booth and the Bio-Analyzing Computer in the Mechanical and Electrical Components booth.

    Screwdriver     Bio-Analyzing Computer  

The Technoscavenger Brain is fairly low level, so you wont be ruined when shopping the Bio-Analyzing computer, although you might want to get one that is at least QL40, since QL40 seems to be the QL of the finished product and the Bio-Analyzing Computer is what controls what QL you will end up with.

The first step is to unscrew the Technoscavenger Library from the brain by using our trusted old Screwdriver - don't leave home without it, like so...

  + =   Technoscavenger Mechanics Library
This disc contains the Technoscavenger's knowledge about mechanics and mechanical engineering. Most information is pre-configured, but rarely you will find additional data on areas that the original owner specialized in.

We'll end up with a Technoscavenger Mechanics Library. This step takes some Electrical Engineering skills to accomplish and will, if your skills are high enough, boost the Quality level of the Brain by up to 10%.

For the next step we simply need to combine the Mechanical Analyzer to the Technoscavenger Mechanics Library and we will end up with a finished Mechanical Analyzer, ready for equipping.

  + =   Mechanical Analyzer
This computer aids the user by analyzing the mechanical properties of any given object. Connect it to your preservation system to fully utilize its potentional.

Like we said early on in the guide, the finished product is fairly low in quality level and thus will not add a lot of Mechanical engineering skill. It will add a meager +4 bonus, however - any buffs are welcome - and if nothing else, you can go around and .. er.. analyze stuff.. with.. it? Sort of?

Last updated 07.July 2003

Mahdi, Atlantean

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