Gadgets: NCU Hacker Interface
  Are you a fixer? Do you dread clicking the "Nano and Aiding" tab on your skills window when you've gained a level? Does your very being cry out in pain over having to raise several nanoskills by 15 steps to get that next buff going? If so, you are in a desperate need of this.      
  Before you get all giddy, keep in mind this a Fixer-Only item, no other professions can use it, not even agents in False Profession. If you have started playing a fixer, this is definitely one of the first items you should get. It will always help you with those pesky nanoskills, even though it might not seem like much of a boost at first. At the end of the day those extra 20-something might well mean the difference between being able to grid away from that red enforcer beating the snot out of you.

So what do you need to get this? Nothing that a trip to the local vendor won't solve. What you need is two items, both available in shops, and both come very cheap.

  Nano Programming Interface
This simple interface is commonly used by students of Nano Programming. It is rarely used by professionals, as it can be quite encumbersome. Simple as it may seem, with various enhancments it may have uses outside that of Nano Programming.

  Lock Pick
The lock pick is used to open locked doors. Pick the item up, and right click on the door. Chests and containers can also be locked. You can lock the doors and containers with this also.

You can obtain the Nano Programming interface from any Devices booth, and the Lock pick from your local Tools booth. They both are extremely cheap, and you won't be needing a large loan to get these, unlike certain fixer items. Mind you, if you have a Personal Lock Pick it wont work. We're not sure why the adding of your own name to the lockpick makes it non-functional for this purpose but fact is it does, so you will have to use a regular version.

The next step is so easy that even uncle Eugene could do it, simply combine the Lock pick with the Nano Programming Interface and you should end up with the finished product - a complete and functional NCU Hacker Interface!

  + =   NCU Hacker Interface
The Hacker Interface effectively commands all types of 'roaming' bots into this area to aid your various nano
skills. Using a hacker interface is generally considered
an illegal action.

This requires a measly 25 Nanoprogramming skill and 60 Breaking and Entering and the best part of it is that you can upgrade this item, for a tiny amount of cash, as you level. This is called a "levelling item" which means that if you level you can right-click the gizmo and it will update itself. You might not always get it boosted, but if you just keep it up to date you will definitely get a lot of help from it.

A QL200 NCU Hacker Interface (which will require you to be level 200 to use) will boost all of your nanoskills with +60, provided you can free up HUD2 to put it in. And it's really worth it either way, as it can be used while wearing Grid Armor.

Last updated 19.February 2003

Seikan, Atlantean

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