Gadgets & Production: Rebuilt NCU Wrist Implant
  If you're constantly running out of NCU cursing the day you picked the only weapon with fortyfive thousand special attacks you'll be wanting this nifty little gizmo that latches onto your wrist and gives you that extra little edge.      
  The Rebuilt NCU Wrist Implant, like the name implies has to be built. What you first need to find is something called an Outdated NCU Wrist Implant. You can find these as boss-loot from either Dynacamps, or simply by getting lucky at team missions from the boss. It looks just like a hologram container though, so be wary that you don't miss it. Its definitely an item you might want to keep for later.

  Outdated NCU Wrist Implant
Some early versions of the NCU were implants that were inserted regularly into your wrist. You can still find implants like this on mutants and other wildlife - and even on
very old humans. Modern breeds can not use it as it is.

You will also need to visit the General Tools and Bases booth in your local shop, in order to get hold of the tool we'll need in order to rebuild the non-functional Outdated NCU Wrist Implant, namely this one...

  Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tool
Field Quantum Physics is engineering at its highest level. 150 years ago, doing
practical work with this skill in the field would require a vast amount of tools and
helpers, but not so anymore. The Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose tool is one of
the greatest achievements of the last century.

The Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tool must be at least the same QL as that of the Outdated NCU Wrist Implant or the process wont work.

The actual combination process is very simple. It merely requires you to get the QFT Tool and smack it down on the Wrist Implant and you'll be rebuilding it to a fully functional one in a jiffy.

  + =   Rebuilt NCU Wrist Implant
Modern breeds can not normally use those kinds of
implants, but this version has been rebuilt by some skillful person.

Combining the two items require you to have 5 times the QL of the Outdated NCU Wrist Implant in your Quantum Physics Skill. In our case, it required 750 skill for our QL 150 Wrist, and you'll end up with the finished product.

For a QL150 Rebuilt NCU Wrist Implant you will need 450 Complit and Treatment to equip it and you will get a bonus of 15 to your NCU and Max Nanopool. Not exactly bad if you're having trouble fitting all your buffs.

Last updated 12.August 2003

Bethecause, Atlantean
Hahjafee, Atlantean

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