Gadgets & Production: Personal Lockpick
  The Personal Lock pick is one of the silliest things on Rubi-Ka. Its just an ordinary lock pick, but - it has your name on it! How cool is that? Ok, maybe its not that cool after all but creating this will prevent you from ever losing your lockpick since this item is a NODROP.      
  You will need a Lock Pick, an Expendable Hologram Camera and an ID-extractor - available in the General Tools and Bases booth in any shop.

Start by combining the Expendable Hologram Camera with the ID-extractor, you will end up with an ID-Data chip.

  + =   ID-Data
This item contains your own, personal data.

Using the chip on your lock pick, will produce the finished item. The sheer simpleness about this item is outstanding - every atrox gets it right, at least on the second try.

  + =   Personal Lock Pick
This is just an ordinary lock pick, but it has your
name on it!

This process doesn't require any skills at all and everyone can make one of these hot items! Unfortunately enough the Lock Pick becomes quite useless for any tradeskill purposes, but its still fun - featured below are Jimmy Bob and Billy Bob, one of them has a personal lock pick while the other don't. See the difference!

Last updated 28.August 2002

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