Gadgets: Repairman's Hat
  In addition to the regular hats and sunglasses our friend Zoftig Blimp sells, one of them has some hidden powers you can unlock with a bit of tinkering. The new and improved hat is a boon to Engineers and add a little to tradeskills and computer literacy.      
  The first thing you will need to do is get the ordinary hat - called the Salesman's Hat. It's from this we are going to make the nifty Engineer hat. Beware though, once the process is complete, the hat will carry both a Profession: Engineer, and a NODROP stat, so it would be unwise for anyone but engineers to go through this process. Are you an engineer? Are you sure? Ok, let's go on then.

First grab some basic components and tools needed - a Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tool, a Nanoprogramming Interface, a vial of Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots, and a notum chip or a Notum Fragment.

First, take your ordinary Salesman's Hat and apply the Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tool on it. This will transform the hat into a Transformed Salesman's Hat. At this stage it would appear you have a wearable hat, but always read the manual first! "Putting it on in this state would burn out your brain lobes" - That's not good, we need to make a connection tot he 'educational chip' in the hat.

  + =   Transformed Salesman's Hat
Watch those brain lobes!

Next we need to prepare the Stabilized OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots. As usual this is done by first activating a vial of Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots by applying a Nanoprogramming Interface on it (we'll skip this process here - see this article if you are unsure how to do this). Once activated we need to apply a small quantity of notum, either from a Notum Chip or Notum Fragment. Since the Hat raises to Q20 during the first process, a Chip or Fragment of 18+ will do - no need to burn your high-quality chips on this.

  + =   Stabilized OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
This solution can be used to change the look of certain things, like e.g. The old ICC cloaks. If you super-stabilize
it it might also be used to change the properties of things.

Once you have the liquid nanobots it should be a simple process applying these to the Transformed Salesman's Hat in your lab. The end product will be the nifty Repairman's Hat at quality level 20.

  + =   Repairman's Hat
This hat allows you to use the full potentional of its unique educational chip.

But it doesn't quite stop there. What you have here is a 'level-item' meaning you can right click the hat in your inventory and it will 'level-up' in terms of skill bonuses alongside your own level. Starting at level 20, the Repairman's Hat can reach as high as level 50.

Let's look at the bonuses, first on the standard level 20, and then the max level 50 hat:

  Repairman's Hat - Quality 20 Repairman's Hat - Quality 50  
  ProjectileAC: 80
MeleeAC: 80
ColdAC: 80
FireAC: 80
ChemicalAC: 80
RadiationAC: 80
PoisonAC: 80
EnergyAC: 240
ProjectileAC: 200
MeleeAC: 200
ColdAC: 200
FireAC: 200
ChemicalAC: 200
RadiationAC: 200
PoisonAC: 200
EnergyAC: 360
  Computer Literacy: 5
Weapon Smithing: 4
Quantum FT: 4
Electrical Engineering: 4
Mechanical Engineering: 4
Computer Literacy: 5
Weapon Smithing: 10
Quantum FT: 10
Electrical Engineering: 10
Mechanical Engineering: 10
Profession: Engineer
Level: 20
Intelligence: 80
Profession: Engineer
Level: 50
Intelligence: 170

And there you have it, a must for any fashion-buff Engineer who wants to master the secrets of Quantum Physics!

Last updated 15.December 2002

Rosbif, Atlantean

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