Gadgets: Personalized Basic Robot Brain
  The very first shoulder gadget that can be produced, the Personalized Basic Robot Brain goes in your right-shoulder slot and gives a nice boost to your sense. And besides, it's just great to have a friend sitting on your shoulder "Hey mr robot brain, you up for some nachos?"      
  Freely available tools and components first. You will need a Screwdriver, gotten from the Tools for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering booth. A Bio Analyzing Computer and a MasterComm - Personalization Device, both from a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components booth.

We also need a component to work with, and in this case Robot Junk is as good as any. The quality of the Robot Junk will decide the quality of the finished product, so take care in finding the right one.

There a several ways to find robot junk, but unfortunately it all seems attached to moving hostile robots - Moles, Waste Disposers, Mechdogs, T60's, Ninja Droids, Slayerdroids - basically anything not organic. For low-quality junk, try looking in Rome Stretch, east of Rome for Omni-Tek areas, or around the Junk Yard (Wartorn Valley) in Clan areas. For medium quality junk, try Roaming A-2000's in Clondyke and the Northern Parts of Greater Tir Country, and for high-quality junk try roaming Slayerdroids in Broken Shores, the Outposts in Pleasant Meadows or Lush Resort.

    Robot Junk     Robot Junk  

Now, with everything in place we start by using the screwdriver on the Robot Junk, turning it into a Nano Sensor. The different quality robot junk has different icons. In our example we are using the high QL robotjunk gotten off a slayerdroid.

  + =   Nano Sensor
A small, multi-purpose sensor used in a number of

This requires no skills whatsoever. Screwdrivers are multiple-use items, so don't worry about getting more than one. Once you have the Nano Sensor, use the Bio Analyzing Computer on it to produce a "Basic Robot Brain". You'll need a Bio Analyzing Computer that is at least 0.6 times the QL of the Robot Junk - IE, for a QL100 Robot Junk Piece, a QL60 Analyzer will be needed. This step requires 4.5 times the QL of the Nano Sensor in Electrical Engineering.

  + =   Basic Robot Brain
This is the basic brain for a simple type robot.

To finish the job, we combine the Basic Robot Brain with the MasterComm - Personalization Device, requiring yet again 4.5 times the QL of your Basic Robot Brain in Electrical Engineering. You will need a MasterComm unit of at least 0.6 times the ql of the Basic Robot Brain or the process wont work. IE, for a QL100 Robot brain, you will need a QL60 Mastercomm.

  + =   Personalized Basic Robot Brain
This is a simple robot brain, ready to take command
from any defined master.

And there we are, with a fun little gadget you can equip in your right shoulder slot. The description suggest that the item is still a tradeskill even when "complete" and ready for equipping, wich might suggest that further modifications are possible.

A Q200 Personalized Basic Robot Brain adds +15 to Sense, and requires 961 Computer Literacy to wear.

Last updated 29.September 2003

Dumble, Atlantean

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