Gadgets & Production: Arul Saba Bracelets
  Arul Saba - one of the more ingenious inventors in the history of Rubi-Ka has finally opened up shop within the walls of Jobe Market, where he sells the items needed for the creation of his world-famous Arul-Saba bracelets.      

As mentioned, Arul Saba resides in the Jobe Market IPS-shop, so our quest for the elusive Arul Saba bracelets starts there. Before you head there it might be a good idea to make sure you have truckloads of money and a tradeskiller worth his weight in gold handy, since the bracelets can be quite iffy to put together.

If you should need reminding of parts of the process, it's described in a book that Arul Saba sells as well, so getting that one might prevent some scratching of your head. Just look at Twicer, he's gone bald from all the headscratching.

  Book: How To Make An Arul Saba Bracelet
How To Make An Arul Saba Bracelet
By Arul Saba
This book will give you details on how to make one of my famous bracelets.

Once you've picked up the book, there are some other bits and pieces that you might want to get hold of. Arul Saba has been kind enough to supply most of these so you won't have to run back and forth to various shops in order to get them all. First lets take a look at the ingredients of the recipe.

    Robot Junk
- As many as the amount of gems you intend to place
    Personal Furnace
- As many as the amount of gems you intend to place + 1
    Nano Circuitry Wire
- Twice as many as the amount of gems you intend to place
    Small Silver Ingot
- As many as the amount of gems you intend to place +1

You can obtain the Nano Circuitry Wire and the Personal Furnaces from Arul Saba himself, so those are easy enough. As for the Silver Ingots and Robot Junk, you will need to obtain these from hunting. One of the best places to get high Robot Junk is around the small outpost known as Lush Resort, where there are more slayerdroids than you can shake a stick at. As for the Silver Ingots, these are loot in missions and on regular mobs - however, its important to note that only Small Silver Ingots from Rubi-Ka will work. The Shadowlands versions of the Ingots will not be meltable. It's also possible to melt down various other objects in order to create the Silver Ingots - please read our guide about Making Jewelry to find out which ones can be melted down.

Next we need a few other bits and bobs.

    Wire Drawing Machine

By now you should be familiar with the mechanics best friend - the Screwdriver. You will also need a Wire Drawing Machine. Arul Saba will not sell these items, so you might want to visit a hardware store that does. All of these tools are available from the Tools for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering booth.

    Balance Adjuster - Left
    Balance Adjuster - Right

Balance Adjusters allows you to pick if you want the bracer to fit your left or your right wrist. Arul Saba sells these as well, so get the appropriate one.

There, now all we need is a blueprint for the bracelet..

    Bracelet Blueprints
- For one gem
    Bracelet Blueprints
- For four gems
    Bracelet Blueprints
- For two gems
    Bracelet Blueprints
- For five gems
    Bracelet Blueprints
- For three gems

The Blueprints of the Bracers you want can grow quite expensive - the Five-gemmed one costs you over 20 million and will make your tradeskilling friends scream in agony as they try to get them together. In this guide we took the middleroad between bonuses given by the bracelet and the amount of pain we were willing to subject our engineer to, and did the Bracelet for three gems. Keep in mind that the Bracelet limits the amount of gems being put into it. It won't be possible to upgrade the Bracelet for one gem to a two-gem-bracelet later on.

Now we have all the base parts for our bracelet! What we need to do now is to decide what sort of bracelet we want, and then find the appropriate gems for them. In total there are five kinds of gems, the Arbiter, Monarch, Emperor, Stellar and Galactic gems. You can find these on the bosses of the dynamic dungeons in Shadowlands - the endboss of each dungeon will often enough carry a small supply of these.

  Gem Type
Arbiter Gem
Monarch Gem
Emperor Gem
Stellar Gem
Galactic Gem
QL 80
QL 110
QL 130
QL 165
QL 200
Dungeon locations

In Nascence and Elysium, bosses will drop the gems, however, these gems can only be fitted into a one-gem-bracer, so if you intend to build a better one, start in Scheol for your gemhunting trip.

Below you can see the looks of the Arbiter gems for each kind of bracelet there is, as well as the various bonuses they give to the wearer. The most popular one is definately the Eternal Juggernaut set, which at 5 gems gives you a mighty +720 HP boost, very welcome for weak little nanomages. The reflect damage of each is only for the fivegem versions of the bracelet.s

    Arbiter Gem of Burning Plasma
- Energy Damage
- Small HP boost
- Reflect Energy Damage
    Arbiter Gem of the Searing Desert
- Fire Damage
- Small HP boost
- Reflect Fire Damage
    Arbiter Gem of Corroded Glory
- Chemical Damage
- Small HP boost
- Reflect Chemical Damage
    Arbiter Gem of the Eternal Juggernaut
- Huge HP boost
    Arbiter Gem of the Frozen Tundra
- Cold Damage
- Small HP boost
- Reflect Cold Damage
    Arbiter Gem of the Bruised Brawler
- Melee Damage
- Small HP boost
- Reflect Melee Damage
    Arbiter Gem of the Infinite Moebius
- Huge Nanopool boost
- Nanoresist
- Small HP boost
    Arbiter Gem of the Silent Killer
- Poison Damage
- Small HP boost
- Reflect Poison Damage
    Arbiter Gem of the Jagged Landscape
- Projectile Damage
- Small HP boost
- Reflect Projectile Damage
    Arbiter Gem of the Rainbow-hued Sky
- Radiation Damage
- Small HP boost
- Reflect Radiation Damage

Once you think you've bled enough for the Gems, and you've gotten the ones you need, its finally time to put it all together. It is a process that might take some time to go through but it'll be worth it in the end, trust us.

The first thing you need to do is balance the blueprint for your left or your right wrist. Use the Balance Adjuster on the Blueprint and you will end up with a Balanced Bracelet Blueprint.

  + =  

Balanced Bracelet Blueprints
This is the basic structure of one of Arul Saba’s bracelets, around which you can construct the form of the bracelet.

This step requires you to have at least 3 times the QL of the Bracelet in your Mechanical Engineering skill, and 3.2 times the QL in your Electrical engineering skills to accomplish.

With our Balanced Bracelet prepared its now time to work the Robot Junk and the Silver. Lets start with the Robot Junk. Use the Screwdriver on the Robot Junk in order to produce a Nano sensor.

  + =   Nano Sensor

Thankfully enough, this takes no skill whatsoever to accomplish.

After making the Nano Sensor, combine it with your Nano Circuitry Wire, and you will get an Interfaced Nano Sensor.

  + =   Interfaced Nano Sensor

This step takes some Electrical Engineering skill to accomplish. Next, lets work on the silver a bit before we combine the items. Pick up the Silver Ingots and put them one by one into a Personal Furnace.

  + =   Liquid Silver

This step takes 3.4 times the QL of the ingot in Mechanical Engineering skills to achieve, and will land you with a bunch of liquid silver. Now - you should have an amount of liquid silver equal to the number of gems you have planned for the bracelet, plus one more. Its important that you do tuck this one away for later and not turn it into Silver Filigree Wire like we are about to do with the other ones.

  + =   Silver Filigree Wire

Using the Wire Drawing Machine on the Liquid Silver, we spin it into Silver Filigree Wire. This step of preparation takes 4.8 times the QL of the Liquid Silver in your Mechanical Engineering skills.

The last step in fixing our Filigree Wire is to combine the Silver Filigree Wire with the Nano Circuitry Wire in order to create the Silver Nano Circuitry Filigree Wire we need for the bracelet.

  + =   Silver Nano Circuitry Filigree Wire
Silver Filigree Wire and Nano Circuitry Wire have been
woven together to create this wire. The only known use for this type of wire is in the construction of Arul Saba

Again, this takes a certain amount of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering to accomplish. Now we need to combine the Silver Nano Circuitry Filigree Wire with the Nano Sensor in order to create ourselves a Bracelet Circuitry.

  + =   Bracelet Circuitry
This is a section of circuitry containing a nano sensor that
is used in the construction of Arul Saba bracelets. It needs to be attached to a Balanced Bracelet Blueprint.

Again, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering is required for the process to be completed successfully. The next part in the process is simply adding the Bracelet Circuitries to the Balanced Blueprint, and you will get yourself a Bracelet capable of accepting the gems that we hoarded from the Shadowlands bosses earlier.

  + =   Bracelet of Arul Saba
A bracelet of Arul Saba is a marvellous fusion of advanced engineering and art. Wrought from silver and honeycombed with nano circuitry

The bracelet is now ready to get coated in silver and able to receive the gems., so first, get out your silver that you put away earlier, and we'll get to work..

  + =   Bracelet of Arul Saba

Once you have coated the Bracelet with the silver, you will end up with a completed Arul Saba Bracelet, and its now almost time to do the Happydance. That is, after we put those gems of ours into it.

You will need to insert the gems in the correct order (Arbiter, Monarch, Emperor, Stellar, Galactic). The requirements for inserting the gems tend to skyrocket at later stages and it might be a good idea to have a few aspirins for your engineer close at hand. Making a complete five-gem-bracelet will require you to have obnoxious amounts of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering which will be attainable once the engineer reaches a level of approximately 219 or 220.

  + =   Bracelet of Arul Saba
- Arbiter Gem of the Eternal Juggernaut
- Monarch Gem of the Eternal Juggernaut
- Emperor Gem of the Eternal Juggernaut

Phew.. all done now and you can let go of your engineer-friends arm.. unless you want another one made. Depending on the amount of gems you've put into the Bracer, it will now give you quite a nice boost to your combat capabilities. If you want to see the effects of all the various bracelets in action before you start pondering which one to get, we recommend that you visit AODB and check out their equipment-configurator, since the bracelets are all listed in there.

Last updated 20.February 2004

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