Gadgets & Production: Yalmaha - The Stiletto
  Yes, its expensive. Yes, its extremely hard to navigate. Yes, its so definitely a rich-mans product. And yes - of course you want one. The Stiletto is definitely the height of Yalmaha-tech engineering and is the most exsquisite craft ever to see the light of Rubi-Ka.      
Doesnt the plain sight of it make you drool and want one? Of course it does - look at that glossy finish that you can show to your neighbour and they'll die from jealousy on the spot. Unfortunately, this item is useless to you unless you can get your Vehicle Air skill up high enough to practically levitate yourself.

Almost all the items you will need for this masterpiece of design can be found in the stores except for the Cold Stones. You can find Cold Stones from pretty much any mob, however, Medusas seem to drop them on a regular basis, so you might want to pay another visit to Eastern Foul Plains. You will need 36 Cold Stones in total for the process, all of which should be at least QL145 in order to create the Stiletto at QL160 - which is the lowest version available, because believe me - you wont want to try for a QL200 version as the skill requirements of Vehicle Air will be enormous.

    Nano Programming Interface
    Cold Stone
- You will need 36 of these
    Reinforced NotuComm Wire
- You will need 6 of these
    Yalmaha 29500 - Stiletto Building Kit  
    Steiner Flexipus Chassis
    Klang Orbiter MK  
    Ganimedes Flux - Multi-Surface Engine  
    Stiletto Registrar

You can obtain the Nano Programming interface from any Devices booth, the rest of the ingredients you will find in your local Notum Wars store. You will find that the items are extremely expensive and you might want to find a trader and make him shop the items for you using the trader computer literacy buffs available to ease the agony your bank account will feel after this. Expect nothing less than 120-130 million credits to go into this undertaking that is about to send you down the lane of bankrupcy.

If you are familiar with the process of making a NotuComm Trenchcoat, then you will be familiar with the following steps - because we'll need a NotuComm Mesh for the Stiletto. After all - a grand vehicle like this deserves a grand tradeskill process.

Lets start by converting all the 36 Cold Stones to their Sentient counterparts. You might want to have a lot of free inventory space before you start this.

  + =   Sentient Cold Stone
This is the once popular Cold Stone that has received som basic re-programming. Its nanobots now labor as light, motion and sound sensors - while at the same time keeping cold.

Simply use the Nano Programming Interface on the Cold Stones to transform them. This step requires 4.5 times the QL of the Cold Stones in Nano Programming Skill to achieve.

The next step is to Combine these with our Reinforced NotuComm Wire. For each NotuComm Wire, add six Sentient Cold Stones to make a Complete NotuComm Circuitry.

  + =   Complete NotuComm Circuitry
This is a complete NotuComm Circuitry (standard version). It feels cold to the touch.

You should have six Complete NotuComm Circuitry now, all ready for the next combination process. Combine one Complete NotuComm Circuitry with another until you have three Double NotuComm Circuitry as such...

  + =   Double NotuComm Circuitry
This is a double NotuComm Circuitry (standard version). It feels cold to the touch.

For the next step, again, lets combine one of the Double NotuComm Circuitry with another. Don't worry about the leftover one as we'll soon use that one as well. You should now end up with a Quadruple NotuComm Circuitry.

  + =   Quadruple NotuComm Circuitry
This is a quadruple NotuComm Circuitry (standard version). It feels cold to the touch.

Finally, use the last Double NotuComm Circuitry on the Quadrupled one and you'll end up with a perfectly handcrafted NotuComm Mesh!

  + =   NotuComm Mesh
This is a NotuComm Mesh. It is an advanced sensory unit which helps the user dodge high velocity projectiles. It needs to be attached to a control unit of some kind. It feels cold to the touch.

Getting sweaty yet? With our NotuComm Mesh safely tucked away, lets start working on the bits for the Yalmaha itself. There are Four steps to the building kit of a Stiletto. You will need your Yalmaha 29500 - Stiletto Building Kit for every step of the way here, so lets take that out of the styrofoam wrapping and start tinkering.

First, we add the Steiner Flexipus Chassis to the kit to get us a solid foundation to build on. This will be the base on which we slap on the other materials.

  + =   Yalmaha 29500 - Stiletto Building Kit - Step 1

This requires you to have some Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering skill to accomplish. You should now have a solid base to build upon though so lets add in the Ganimedes Flux - Multi-Surface Engine to the kit.

  + =   Yalmaha 29500 - Stiletto Building Kit - Step 2

Adding in the Engine takes some Quantum Physics and Electrical Engineering skill and you should now have the two main parts finished, what we need to do though is add the Klang Orbiter MK to the kit, for stabilization purposes. After all, we would want the yalm to be sleek as a fish but navigate as a cow, now would we?

  + =   Yalmaha 29500 - Stiletto Building Kit - Step 3

Again this requires you to have some knowledge in Quantum Physics and Electrical Engineering . We're almost done with the kit now, all we need to do now is to add the seatbelts (very practical to have if your new Stiletto should get carjacked by your teenage son and taken out for a drive into the nearest apartment complex) so lets add in that BSEC shall we..

  + =   Yalmaha 29500 - Stiletto Building Kit - Step 4

Yet again, some knowledge in Quantum Physics and Electrical Engineering is needed to complete this step. To finally get the kit assembled into the Unmarked Yalmaha that you will hopefully drive out of the garage, you will now need to add in the NotuComm Mesh to the kit, so it will hold together..

  + =   Unmarked Yalmaha 29500 - The Stiletto
To be able to use this vehicle it must first be specially registered with Omni-Tek's executive vehicle registery.
Use the 'Stiletto Registar' on it to start flying.

How is your Quantum Physics and Electrical Engineering skills again? Still top notch? Goodie! Then you should have the Unmarked Yalmaha 29500 - The Stilettoin your hands now ready for the final step in the assembly line. Keep in mind that completing the next step will make your Stiletto NODROP so never ever give your Stiletto Registrar away, since that is the item you are now about to add to the mix, finally slapping on your personal marker claiming the prize..

  + =   Yalmaha - 29500 - The Stiletto
The Yalmaha has always made good, 1-man vehicles, for
any situation. Each new model breaks the limits set by the old, both when it comes to technology and price.

This step doesnt require any skill whatsoever, and a good thing that is too or it would have punctured a lot of dreams. You should now have in your possession a Yalmaha - 29500 - The Stiletto. The lower QL the better. The example statistics below are for a QL160 Stiletto.


Dodge Ranged +64
Runspeed +600
Scale 20%
Innate Resistance to Roots 20%

Vehicle Air 920
Must have Notum Wars
Must be on Rubi-Ka

Final Word
As you can see, the Stiletto requires an enormous amount of skill in Vehicle Air. The QL200 Stiletto requires you to have 1150 Vehicle Air so the lower QL you can get hold of the better. 920 in itself is hard enough as it is and currently only a select few classes can get this baby flying simply because of the skill requirements being so high. The additional resistances mean you will be somewhat safe if you plan on flying through a PvP zone, but on the other hand, if you plan on showing off your Stiletto, it might be a wise decision to not stand out in the middle of a crowd looking for someone to gun down.

Last updated 08. September 2003

Asque AKA Genarian, Atlantean

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