Gadgets: Virral Triumvirate Egg
  One of the most coveted items in the game, and definitely one of the most expensive ones, unless you bring rare nanos into the picture. If you want to find out on how to make these, read on as we put all the eggs in one basket.      
  Virral Eggs are all the rage at the moment, since currently there is nothing rivalling its use. Its great in many ways, as you can see from the this little information box below here, buffing both INT and PSY as well as giving you HP, Nano and a small damage bonus, now who wouldnt want that?

You can also wear 2 eggs at the same time, for an effect greater than the coveted Shades of Lucubration (+30 INT/PSY, nanomage only) and usable by all. The making of Virral Eggs is not really the hard part. Yes - it does involve some heavy duty skills, especially since the QL of most parts needs to be 190+ but the real pain is finding the items needed for it. Here are the raw materials presented to you.

    Mantis Egg     Soul Fragment  
    Robot Junk     Small Gold Ingot  

The Mantis egg can be obtained by visiting the dungeon known as Smugglers Den. A complete Guide to Smugglers Den will be coming soon enough, we wont present that here, but let it be known that you will need to kill the Mantis Queen (to get the egg for sure) or Mantis Breeders (which drops eggs every now and then). To do this you will need a good team with a calmer, such as a crat. The Dungeon is located at 1755 x 872 in Southern Foul Hills.

Soul Fragments
are those things that everyone threw away two months ago and now are crying about doing so (us included). You can get Soul Fragments from missions in chests, or on mobs but they are very very rare. Bear in mind that the Soul Fragments you will need must be at least QL190 or the process will not work. They are very rare, so be happy when you find one. You will need three of these to complete the egg. You will also need three Gold Ingots, all QL190+. You can use any kind of gold that can be made into Gold Ingots. Look for a full guide on gems and jewelry soon. For this guide, we assume you have three Gold Ingots.

You will need one piece of Robot Junk - QL190 or over. You can find these on high level robotic mobs like NInjadroids or Slayerdroids. Lush Resort is a nice place to find Slayerdroids wandering around. For Ninjas, we can warmly recommend that you visit Pleasant Meadows at the Northeast OP, or the Southeast one. There is also a new dynacamp in Belial Forest at the coords 400x2250.

    Personal Furnace x4     Nano Circuitry Wire  

You will need four of these Personal Furnaces, you will see what we are going to use them for later on in the guide. These can be bought from the nearest Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components booth in any store. You will need one Nano Circuitry Wire, obtainable from the General Components booth. Thats the raw materials right there. Now we need some tools as well. If you have been making Jewelry, or Instruction discs, you will recognize some of the tools required here, but we will present them nonetheless.

    Jensen Gem Cutter     Wire Drawing Machine  

All of these tools are available from the Tools for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering booth. Make sure you get fairly high ones, since the QL of the raw materials are QL190+

Preparing the Raw Materials

First off, use the Personal Furnaces on each ingot to create Liquid Gold from them. You should have one empty Personal Furnace, which we are going to use soon. This step takes 3.2 times the QL of the Ingot in your Mechanical Engineering skills.

  + =   Liquid Gold x3

Use the Wire Drawing Machine on the Liquid Gold to make Gold Filigree Wires out of them. Feeling a bit like Midas, are we? Everything you touches turns to gold? Well, I'm sorry to say it, but thats it for the gold. No more preparation for the gold is needed. Again, some Mechanical Engineering skills are required - 4.8 times the QL of the Liquid gold to be more prescice.

  + =   Gold Filigree Wire x3

Next, we are going to work the Soul Fragments. By using your Jensen Gem Cutter on them, shape them into Perfectly Cut Soul Fragments. This step requires Mechanical Engineering skills.

  + =   Perfectly Cut Soul Fragment x3

The easiest part is working on the Robot Junk. First use your Screwdriver (versatile tool, really - everyone should have at least one of these) on it, producing a Nano Sensor. This step takes no skill at all.

  + =   Nano Sensor

After making the Nano Sensor, combine it with your Nano Circuitry Wire, and you will get an Interfaced Nano Sensor. This step takes Electrical Engineering skill.

  + =   Interfaced Nano Sensor

And the final step in preparation is using the left-over Personal Furnace on the Mantis Egg itself, which will result in a Petrified Mantis Egg. This step requires exactly 760 Mechanical Engineering.

  + =   Petrified Mantis Egg

Now we're finally ready to start building the Virral Egg. Keep in mind that you might have to switch implants around if you are centering them around one skill. I recommend that you get Shining/Bright Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering in at the same time, to prevent you from mucking about too much with implants. First, combine all the three Gold Filigree Wires with the Petrified Mantis Egg. You should now have a Fully Wired Mantis Egg. This takes Mechanical Engineering to create.

  + =   Fully Wired Mantis Egg

Secondly, use your Interfaced Nano Sensor on the Fully Wired Mantis Egg to create an Incomplete Virral Egg - this step takes Electrical Engineering skills.

  + =   Incomplete Virral Egg

And finally, add in the three Perfectly Cut Soul Fragments to the Incomplete Virral egg to obtain the final product, the Virral Triumvirate Egg.

  + =   Virral Triumvirate Egg

Final word

The Virral Triumvirate Egg really is a remarkable object. The tricky part really is the Mantis Egg and the Soul Fragments as mentioned earlier. If you haven't got the time, or indeed, the power to obtain these, they are somtimes sold for ridiculus amount of credits. Like always, the really nice items takes time and dedication to get. Or indeed a very very rich relative.

The finished Virral Egg can go in either the left or right-shoulder slots, and it's possible to wear two for double the effect.

  Virral Triumvirate Egg
  Max health +150
Max nano +150
Psychic +15
Intelligence +15
Fire damage +3
Radiation damage +3
  Projectile damage +3
Melee damage +3
Poision damage +3
Chemical damage +3
Cold damage +3
Intelligence 321
Psychic 321

Last updated 14. February 2004

Dumble, Atlantean

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