Gameplay: Dynacamps
  If you haven't already encountered the phenomenon known as Dynacamps, odds are that you have been wasting good time doing missions instead of being out in the wild getting fresh air and exercise.      

Firstly, lets sort out the specifics of a Dynacamp, or Dynamic Camp, since they are often enough mistaken to be other occurences. A Dynacamp is an encampment with a boss-creature of the same type, an alpha(fe)male if you wish. Many confuse dynacamps with Unique bosses or regular camps. This isn't the case however - Dynacamp bosses will not drop unique loot but rather the same type of loot you would expect to find on bosses in team missions. Another obvious clue to the presence of a dynacamp is the presence of various junk spread across the site. There might be anything from skeletons to junk, to fans and pots spread across the ground. These are more a sign of a dynacamp than anything you can interact with.

The bosses are easily recognizable, both from the bright aura most of them have as well as their size since they are all rather large compared to the minions.

The bosses are also named mobs, which is the reason why some have them confused with unique mobs. While you might find a boss called Slipslidder the Venomous one day, the next you might find a boss called Bloodfang the Slithering.

All the bosses are aggressive; even the ones that usually are docile, like Malles, Leets and Enigmas. Some bosses, in particular Anuns, will attack you on sight even if they are way below your level. Of course, that applies to a lot of Anuns, not just Dynacamp bosses. So before you go about getting your share of phat lewt, be sure you are well-equipped for the job or you might find yourself running with an angry boss gnawing at your backside.

Please also bear in mind that the dynacamp bosses vary in level - where you find one boss at level 80, the next spawn might very well be level 88 or 74. After death, respawn is random, it may vary from 10 minutes to 90 minutes depending on how lucky or unlucky you are.

As mentioned before all the bosses save for a few have their special auras, just like the bosses in team missions, which make them big and strong, or give a special damage shield. For a more extensive look into the boss-auras, we recommend that you look at Faunlore's guide about this. In addition to this, most of the dynacamp bosses have special auras designed to protect them against pets. This aura gives a percentage of your pets HP back in damage, which makes petclasses outdoors rather difficult.

Another element both dynacamp- and mission-bosses have in common is that they will drop bossloot. This bossloot typically consists of two "new" nanos, i.e. nanos that cannot be missioned for or found in shops - examples of these are the Art of War soldier nanos and the new nano programming buff for nano-technicians. Apart from the typically two nanos, the boss will drop one weapon and one to two armorparts specific to bosses - for examples Sekutek armor, Dillon armor, X-3 rifles and Division-9 assault rifles. Furthermore, bosses have a slightly higher chance of dropping some of the more rare loot like Nullity Sphere and Grid Armor discs, however, these are still extremely rare, so don't expect them to turn up all the time.

The Dynacamps are spread across a number of zones on Rubi-Ka, they can't be found just everywhere. Unfortunately enough, the most interesting dynacamps are found in rather unhospitable zones. This is where you can find them, complete with a rather rough estimate of the level of bosses you can find there.

Location Approximate level
Aegean 30-80
Andromeda 10-110
Belial Forest 140-200
Central Artery Valley 120-200
Newland Desert 5-70
Omni Forest 5-50
Perpetual Wastelands 80-200
Varmint Woods 50-140
Wailing Wastes 40-90

For a more extensive list of the various bosses, we have compiled a list of coordinates for you to look at. Mind you - it is far from a complete list, but these are the coordinates that we have at the moment. Please don't send us any more coordinates without making sure it really is a dynacamp. Download the coordinates file here.

Final Word
If you are looking for experience as opposed to bossloot you might find yourself a bit disappointed, since the experience from the camps and boss will not be as regular as what you gain in missions. The respawn of the camps often leaves a lot to be desired - there is a lot of downtime compared to missions. However, the passtime is in our opinion welcome as opposed to missions. All that has to be tweaked is the respawn and experience reward and people might actually get their butts out of the seemingly endless missions the City of Home has to offer and into the field once again.

Last updated 15. January 2003