Gameplay: Shadowrift Shrines
  Shadowrifts look like small shrines made of sandstone and can be found randomly in indoor mission playfields. Activating a Shadowrift by right-clicking it will bestow a serious boost to your character for about 3 to 3.5 minutes, with strength dependant on your level.      
Shadowrift placement, type, and frequence appears to be random, ranging from non-present to frequent. Size of the mission is probably
a factor and as many as 5-6 shrines have been reported in larger missions.

A Shadowrift boost is not to be taken lightly either - the strength of the combat and defensive type boosts are often of such power that it can turn things around in the player's favour. Be sure to make the best use of them while they last, like clearing out that tricky room you passed up previously.

These are the various types of shrines and the different buffs they provide:

  Shadowrift of the Bear
The Bear will greatly raise your combat skills by boosting your damage
output in all fields (Add. Projectile, Melee, Energy, Chemical, Radiation,
Cold, Fire and Poison Damage) with a value close to your own level.

Your body swells with strength...

  Shadowrift of the Eagle
The Eagle boosts all your Evasion skills by an incredible amount making
you almost impossible to hit. The boost appears to be more than 4 times
your level, and the blessing also raise your AggDef by a high amount.

You feel quick...

  Shadowrift of the Firefly
The Firefly will bestow a nano restoration program similar to the Phoenix
(or the program Humidity Extractor) replenishing your nano over time by an amount similar to your level.

You feel blessed...

  Shadowrift of the Frog
When blessed by the Frog, you get a serious boost to your Shield ability
against all damage types (Projectile, Melee, Energy, Chemical, Radiation,
Cold, Fire and Poison) for what seems around 1/3 your level.

Your skin itches...

  Shadowrift of the Phoenix
When blessed by the Phoenix, you are buffed with a "Heal over Time" that continiously heals your health with your level times 1 hitpoints for every
second of the duration.

You feel blessed by life

  Shadowrift of the Wolf
The Wolf bestows incredible speed - raising all your initiatives, Ranged,
Melee, Physical and Nano Casting. The amount boosted follows your level
in increments of 10, where at 150 you get all these skills bossted by 640
and at 161 all skills by 676. The Wolf even boosts your running speed.

You feel quick...

  Shadowrift of the Spirits
The Spirits gives you an incredible boost to % XP. The XP bonus in %
appears to be around your level and it should be obvious that this can
quickly double or triple the amount of experience gotten from a mob.

You feel blessed by the spirits...

Last updated 30. August 2002

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