Gameplay: Pocket Bosses
  Want phat lewt? Do you hate camping? Well, so do we. And while Pocket Bosses does include some camping, at least its camping that is on your own terms rather than having to wait for hours upon hours on a mob spawning, you can do it at will!      
Before you start off heading on in and get started, there are a few things you should know. First off - spawning the pocketmobs requires you to have access to some Unpolluted Crystals, which in most cases means you will want to hunt down a friendly Meta-Physicist in order to summon them. You will also need a fairly competent tradeskiller, since the requirements on even the lower ones can be quite brutal if you're not prepared for it.

We also recommend that you read the whole guide before going out there since a lot of the mobs will drop multiple things used in the various stages of spawning a boss and you can optimize a lot of time by preparing each step ahead of the camping itself. That said, lets take a look at what you will need to do in order to get some phat lewt...

These fellers should be familiar to you by now. The Yuttos seem to pop up pretty much everywhere.

One of them, namely the Tools-merchant is especially popular since it happens to have an item for sale that you might need, namely the Ancient Novictum Refiner.

You do not need the item, however, it will make things easier for you if you are gathering your bosses, as it permits you to have some buffers for your spawning-schedules. In a later stage you will need something called a Subdued Flow of Novictum which is Unique but this tool can convert other novictum to its subdued form as well. If the Yutto-vendor does not have this tool, you will want to look up another one - or.. "convince" the poor Yutto to change his stock.

  Ancient Novictum Refiner
An ancient device used by the Xan to subdue Novictum.

With our tool in our hends, its now time to go finding us some pocket-bosses. It might sound easy enough but can be quite tricky if you don't know where to look. The pocket-bosses consists of four pattern-pieces you will need to collect - the Aban, Bhotaar, Chi and Dom-pieces. When all pattern-pieces are collected and combined in the right order, you will end up with a complete blueprint pattern.

Of course, its not as easy as just going out and mindlessly hitting some poor mob at random and get a piece. One hot tip is that if you encounter something you feel is an encampment of mobs with a special leadertype mob, odds are high that the leader will drop a piece of the puzzle. Other popular places are the spirit-encampments, Soul Dredges and named mobs. Finding pieces can be a bit of a pain, but if you have a nice team, you can find quite a lot of pattern pieces in a relatively short time.

  Aban Pattern
  Chi Pattern
    Bhotaar Pattern
  Dom Pattern  

One of the more populated and popular spots to hunt for QL110-125 bosses is Scheol, in particular the Spirits outside of Ergo. These drop a number of goodies and not only pattern-pieces, so keep a look out. A word of warning though - the place is pretty crowded and aggro quite wide-spread so if you attack something, don't be surprised when you get an additional 4-6 spirits to keep you company.

Combining the patterns is straightforward - simply use the Bhotaar-piece on the Aban-piece, then use the Chi-piece on the Aban-Bhootar piece and lastly slap the Dom-piece onto the Aban-Bhotaar-Chi piece, and after a while you should have at least one of these Complete Blueprint Patterns...

  in our case, we created a
Complete Blueptrint Pattern of 'Bellowing Chimera'

Combining the patterns take no skill to accomplish. Now we'll need to prepare another step, while we're still out hunting, which is gathering Novictum.

Like mentioned before you will need something called a Subdued Flow of Novictum of the same quality level or higher as the Blueprint pattern of the boss you intend to summon. These can be found on mobs if you're lucky enough (and willing to spend some quality time camping) but you can also transform chunks of Novictum into the subdued form by using the tool on them. There are six types of Novictum suitable for this - depending on quality range, and they are as follows...

  Disturbed Sequence of Novictum
- QL1-89
  Vicious Novictum Continuity
    Provoked Bond of Novictum
  Furious Novictum Nexus
- QL190-219
    Enraged Pith of Novictum
- QL130-159
  Cataclysmic Birth of Novictum
- QL220-300

You can find these on special mobs and on Spirits - the best dropratio so far are at the spirits right outside Ergo in Scheol, however for lower bosses (or higher) you will need to visit other zones, like Elysium or Adonis or even Penumbra.

You will need one piece of Subdued novictum per boss you intend to spawn, so if you have a lot of pocket-bosses in your inventory, it might be a good idea to bring a tradeskiller along so he can combine the items on site. This requires you to have some Source-crystals from an MP with you though, more about that in a short while.

To make a chunk of novictum into its subdued form, simply use the Ancient Novictum Refiner on the chunk.

  + =   Subdued Flow of Novictum
A large amount of energy is contained within tight bonds, making it a semi-physical object. You managed to subdue this particular piece of Novictum. It can now be used in certain tradeskill processes.

This step requires no skills to accomplish, however, be aware that since the Subdued Flow of Novictum is Unique, having one and completing another will overwrite the one you already have, so be careful.

Now for the part that can be optimized the best. You will need a Meta-Physicist in order to spawn you some crystals and you will need the MP to fill them with "the source" which happens to be Notum. In the MP's line of nanoprograms there is a special summoning-line called Boon's. What the Boon-line does is summon a temporary item to the MP's inventory called an Unpolluted Crystal.

  Unpolluted Crystal
This crystal is unpolluted, a summoning of a Meta-Physicist. It is a vessel of energy, becoming purified when charged with the Source.
Note: The crystal looks fragile. It only lasts in this unpolluted state for a short while.

The lasting time on the Unpolluted Crystal is very short, so you will need to fill it up before you hanker away to do other stuff. What your MP needs to do is to target a Notum Wars Control Tower of the same QL or higher as the Unpolluted Crystal and right-click the crystal in order to fill it up. This drains some of the source pumped up from the Control Tower into our crystal and makes it a permanent object, so making a few of these at the same time is highly recommended.

  Crystal Filled by the Source

We strongly recommend that you target Control Towers from your own side, preferably in a 75% zone, as it might be hard on the MP targeting enemy towers summoning the items while at the same time expecting to have some peace and quiet.

Next we need to combine the Source-filled Crystal with our Blueprint Pattern.

  + =   Notum Crystal with Etched 'Bellowing Chimera'
This Unpolluted Notum Crystal is set with the blueprint
of 'Bellowing Chimera' and contains all the needed information to respawn the being within. It needs Novictalized energy to be created.

The process is simple and requires 7.5 times the QL of the Blueprint pattern in Nano Programming to accomplish - you will end up with a Notum Crystal with an etched pattern upon it, which is the second last step next to actually summoning the pocket-boss. Don't forget that the Crystal needs to be at least the same QL as the pattern is or the process wont work.

Now is the time for the last part of all the tinkering, which will end with us having a crystal ready for summoning. Combine the Subdued Flow of Novictum with the Etched Notum Crystal to end up with a Novictalized Notum Crystal.

  + =   Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Bellowing Chimera'
This Novictalized Notum Crystal contains all Structural
and Spiritual Information Concerning 'Bellowing Chimera'. Invocate to resurrect.
(Target appropriate device and use Crystal to invocate.)

This step is the reason why we have a tradeskiller handy - it takes 6 times the QL of the Notum Crystal in Quantum Physics skill to complete the process, which means that even for a QL125 boss, the requirements for a combine will be rather high (750). There - your very own pocket boss!

Phew.. now that you are a proud owner of a pocket-boss, you will need to actually get it spawned. And of course, there's this bit about where you have to kill it as well..

If you have noticed it, there are places scattered around the zones called Incarnators.

The Incarnators are fairly visible even on the worldmap and you can easily recognize them by the four ramps leading up to a centre with a pillar of light. If you target the base of the pillar, you'll have your Incarnator.

The incarnators level will need to match (or be higher than) that of the complete Novictalized Notum Crystal for you to be able to spawn the pocket-boss.

Before we explain how to spawn the boss, there is one final thing you need to be aware of.. Spawning the boss takes no skill - but it does leave you very vulnerable, in the sense that the person spawning the boss will have his HP's reduced to 1 directly after the spawn is complete, so don't think its safe to go spawning these by yourself. A team is definitely a good thing to have when spawning the bosses - a doctor at the very least.

Finally - to spawn the boss, simply target the incarnator and right-click the Novictalized Notum Crystal. In a second or so the boss will appear, angry that you pulled it from the daily TV-programming in Limbo and try to whoop you up some.

What about the loot? Well. One thing that all bosses have in common are that they will drop something called Symbiants. Think of Symbiants as extremely powerful implants - anyone wearing a full set of symbiants will indeed be a pretty powerful character, especially the higher ones.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get those patterns collected - there's only 156 of them - gotta have them all!

Last updated 13. October 2003