Game Tech: Power Macros
  In this guide we will explain both how to create and use macros, as well as how to make them as powerful as they can be - sounds interesting? Read on then!      
First off - this guide will work for both scripts and single-line commands/macros. However, the limitations of a single line command is one of the reasons as to why there are scripts. We will use scripts in explaining some parts of the commands and variables here, but macros for others, depending on the use of them. The limitations doesnt have to be that harsh if you only know what you are wanting to do - we're going to go over some key variables in this guide - if you want more information about variables, we recommend that you read the advanced scripting guide here, but first we're going to show you how to set up a macro.

%m - Yourself
%f - The mob that you are currently fighting
%t - Your current target

We'll begin with the %m variable. This might look pretty useless to begin with, but its really just a timesaver in scripts, especially if you are sharing scripts with others where you talk about yourself in third person in some way. Here are two examples of scripts with the %m variable...

/o Tank Team Alpha : %1, %2, %3, %4, %5, %m - Loot and Leader : %m

/g %m's team :\n /g %1, %2, %3, %4, %5

The next variable, the %f variable, like mentioned is the mob that are fighting you. For a multiple of reasons, this command is very useful, in particularly if you are shooting wildly into a storming gang of people in a PvP-situation. The true strength is that the command is separate from the regular %t command (which I think needs no introduction) since no matter what you are targeting %f will always be your fighting target. Here are two examples of macros using the %f variable.

/g Currently Fighting : %f , Next Target : %t

/g Currently Fighting : %f , Healing : %t

Doing two things at the same time is something usually reserved for scripts, however you can actually do it using a regular linebreak in your macros. As you might be aware, executing two commands in a row inside a script will make them happen instantly, first doing a /bow and then a /say Hello, will make your character bow and at the same time. This is not plausible using a macro, however, you will be able to do a lot of things rather quickly in a row if you want to.

/bow\n /say Greetings, %t!

As you see you can easily do this in both scripts and macros.

Last updated 8. March 2003