Game Tech: Game Options
  Ever wanted to access options via means of using commands instead of opening dialogue-windows? Maybe you are looking to quickly set up your visuals depending on the situation or ever wondered if there are any tweaks you can do to the game? We have the lowdown right here.      
Before you read this guide, it might be a good idea to make a backup-copy of your Anarchy Online/prefs/ folder, since most of the options we are going to show you will alter the configuration-files in such a manner that you might want to reset them to their original values. Please note that we wont guarantee you that changing these options will make you able to login due to things like your graphics card not being able to handle the option properly or anything like that, so please, make sure that you back up your prefs/ folder before attempting any surgery.

As we are sure you are aware, pressing F10 will bring up the options menu.

A lot of the options in here directly affects how you perceive things in game - others require you to relogin and yet others have some effect immediately but will take full effect the next time you log in. The one area in the options that we won't be looking at are the keyboard options.

While it is possible to bind these via the /options command, we think that unless you are going to do a lot of major reconstructions, you should be changing the keyboard commands in-game rather than script them.

You might want to change your options for a lot of reasons really - wouldn't it be nice to be able to lower your graphical options with a single scripted command in PvP-situations? Or perhaps you would like to get rid of the names that keep floating above your head and can't find that option? This is all possible using the option-command, which we will demonstrate in this guide. To activate an option, you will need to enter it like so :

/option ShowAllNames 0

The option-command works like many other commands. However it is imperative that you pay attention to that the options themselves are case-sensitive, i.e.- ShowAllNames will work, whereas Showallnames will not.

To make things somewhat easier for you, we have sorted the options into a couple of categories just like in the game itself - Sound, Environment, Miscellaneous, Visual and Chat options. Some of the options in these cathegories you will see in the in-game options as well - others you wont, they're "hidden" from you. We will make a note of every such option as they appear.

So lets begin with Sound-options, shall we? These are the commands available for utilizing the sound-options :

Option Range Activates Description
SoundFXOn 1/0 Instantly Turns Sound off or on
MusicOn 1/0 Instantly Turns Music off or on
VoiceSndFxOn 1/0 Instantly Turns Voices off or on
BattlemusicMode 0-2 Instantly Toggles between the options when battlemusic is being played.
MasterVolume 0.0-1.0 Instantly Changes the volume of all sounds
FXVolume 0.0-1.0 Instantly Changes the volume of Sound Effects only
MusicVolume 0.0-1.0 Instantly Changes the volume of Music only
VoiceSndFxVolume 0.0-1.0 Instantly Changes the volume of Voices only
VoiceSndFxType 1-3 Instantly Toggles between the types of voices you want for your character (cool, military, normal)
VoiceSndFxHearFriendsOn 1/0 Instantly Turns Voices in private tells off or on
VoiceSndFxHearGuildOn 1/0 Instantly Turns Voices in Guildchat off or on
VoiceSndFxHearTeamOn 1/0 Instantly Turns Voices in team chat off or on
VoiceSndFxHearVicinityOn 1/0 Instantly Turns Voices in vicinity chat off or on

There is no hidden option inside the sound-options available with the /option-command, however, there doesn't really need to be one either.

Worth noting is that any options with Voices is only available for those that own the Notum Wars Expansion pack so you might not be able to change these options. Then again, if you don't have Notum Wars, you won't be needing to either, so don't fret about it.

Sound-options are really not that important, but the Notum Wars Voices are definitely a nice set of options, especially if you like mixing the different types of voices to personalize your Voice-messages better. Also, toggling sound on and off might be useful as well.

Next up are the Environment-options. Environment takes care of the world around you, it's what makes the water actually look like water and if you have noticed those small frogs and butterflies and rabbits hopping and flying around, the client takes care of these functions from here as well, so this is actually quite a fun place to experiment with.

Option Range Activates Description
BuffsFX 1/0 On zoning Turns buffing nanoeffects off or on
EnvironmentFX 1/0 On zoning Turns misc effects off or on like smoke from exhausts and vents
MuzzleFlashFX 1/0 On zoning Turns weapon particle-effects off or on
NanoEffectFX 1/0 On zoning Turns combat nanoeffects off or on
TracersFX 1/0 On zoning Turns other particle-effects off or on
OthersFX 1/0 On zoning Turns all other effects off or on for instance the shimmering of zoneborders
Shadows 1/0 On relogin Turns characters casting shadows off or on
SimpleClouds 1/0 Instantly Turns basic clouds off or on
RealisticClouds 1/0 Instantly Turns complex clouds off or on
UseCloudShadows 1/0 On relogin Turns clouds casting shadows off or on
RealisticWater 1/0 On relogin Turns water animations off or on
RealisticMoons 1/0 Instantly Turns moons at night off or on
Sunrays 1/0 Instantly Turns sunrays off or on
StarRotation 1/0 Instantly Turns the slow rotation of stars at night off or on
ShowAllNames 1/0 Instantly Turns character-names over head off or on
Wildlife 1/0 Instantly Turns client wildlife critters like frogs and rabbits and butterflies off or on
IsSpaceShipsShown 1/0 Instantly Turns spaceships in the sky off or on
FogMode 0-3 Instantly Toggles between the different fogmodes
GroundRendering 0-3 On relogin Toggles between the differnent ways of rendering the ground

There are a lot of things to be said about this category - first off - the spaceship option is another one that only owners of the Notum Wars Expansion pack have access to. There are also a lot of options in here that are hidden from the normal interface - cloudshadows, realistic moons, sunrays, star rotation and the show all names options. The ShowAllNames option is currently bugged however and will not actually save itself, so you will have to do this every single time you log in which is quite frustrating - we are hoping for a fix for this sometime soon.

As for the fogmode I can safely say that this is a huge FPS-drainer, experiment with it and you will see what I mean, if you run into some heavy fog. And not only that, but it will make you able to see where you are going instead of wandering around aimlessly waiting for a band of rogue atrox enforcers bashing you on the head around the next tree.

Changing your environment-options will help you reduce lag (a bit) and increase your FPS (a bit) but it will also make the game (a bit) uglier, so you might want to think about what you want to use and what not to. We can't recommend turning off the Liquid Animation for water for instance, as in some cases with video cards, this will actually make water completely transparen't and not show up on your screen at all. So all of a sudden you might find yourself trying swim through thin air, and as funky as that might sound, in the end it just isn't very practical.

On another note - some video cards have a problem if you shut up Realistic Moons - you will experience the mirror wall effect a bit everywhere in the game if you do this, so if you encounter this particular graphical error, just switch moons back on again.

On to our next category now, the Miscellaneous options. In the miscellaneous options you will find.. well.. the options that don't really fit in with the other options. Options that aren't as socially adept as other options you might say, however, they are still options that we love very dearly...

Option Range Activates Description
OpacityOnViews 0-100 Instantly Changes how opaque your inventory for instance should be - 0% and it will "disappear" while 100% will not make it transparen't at all.
ChatIndicator 1/0 Instantly Turns flashing heads on chatting characters off or on
MouseLookInverted 1/0 Instantly Turns inverted vertical axis on mouse off or on
ShowTipOfTheDay 1/0 On relogin Turns Tip of the day off or on
UseNoBobCamera 1/0 Instantly Turns the bobbing camera off and on
IsOrgNameShownOverHead 1/0 Instantly Turns organization names over head off or on
AutoAttackMOB 1/0 Instantly Turns autoattack in PvM off or on
AutoAttackPvP 1/0 Instantly Turns autoattack in PvP off or on
AutoTargetMOB 1/0 Instantly Turns autotarget in PvM off or on
AutoTargetPvP 1/0 Instantly Turns autotarget in PvP off or on
3rdPersonCamera 1/0 Instantly Toggles between First Person View and Third Person View

Needless to say, the most interesting options in here are the AutoAttack options, but before we comment on that, let it be said that if you change IsOrgNameShownOverHead on or off, this will reset the value of a similar command in the Environment Options - ShowAllNames, so do IsOrgName... first and then ShowAllNames and you should be fine.

Now, to the autoattacking and autotargeting. Autoattacking means that unless you are already in combat, you will attack the player(PvP) or mob(PvM) that is attacking you. There are a number of reasons as to why you might not want to do this - calming mobs is one of them for instance - on the other hand - there are situations in which you might very well want to set yourself on autoattack, so having macros or scripts for these options can really enhance your gameplay.

Next in line is the Visual-options, one that has quite a few useful commands, at least if you have a problem remembering the setup you used to take the latest screenshot, or if you have to switch to another setup running windowed mode. Most of these settings won't take effect until you relogin, some (classified as Activating: Relogin) will take SOME effect instantly, but only take full effect once you relogin.

Option Range Activates Description
ViewDistance 0.0-1.0 Instantly Changes the view distance to relative to the world on your character.
CharViewDistance 0-80 Instantly Changes the view distance relative to other characters on your character
GroundFullQualityRadius 3-15 On relogin Determines the radius of where the ground stops rendering itself in full quality
GroundQuality 100-200 On relogin Determines what in fact is full quality for the purpose of rendering the ground
TextureResolution 0-2 On relogin Toggles the texture quality - low, medium, high
OtherTextureQuality 1-3 On relogin Toggles between the different texture resolutions available
CompressedTextures 1/0 On relogin Toggles Compressed textures off or on

Two of the most useful commands in the game can be found in this category, namely ViewDistance and CharViewDistance. Changing these will dramatically increase your FPS and reduce "lag" (what is perceived as lag for many really is graphics slowing the computer down, not network coding issues). For instance - if you are in a very crowded place and need to see the mobs you are going to target, we highly recommend that you pull down your CharViewDistance to 0. That way you won't see anyone that isn't practically standing on top of you, but you will see mobs. A recommended setting for "all purpose play" is that you set ViewDistance to 0.5 and CharViewDistance to 0.3 - it might feel odd to begin with, but you won't regret it later on.

There are commands for changing the bitdepth and resolution for your next relogin - however, these seem bugged at the moment and won't actually save them. When or if they are working, we will add them to the guide.

Last but not least - the Chat-options. Chat options together with the options in the Miscellaneous section can be used in great conjuction to make your life a lot easier in PvP / PvM situations, as we hope you will see when presented with the selections of options available...

Option Range Activates Description
JapaneseToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns Japenese chat off or on
MeGotXpToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns information about gained XP off or on
MeHealedToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns information about being healed off or on
MeHitByNanoToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns information about getting hit by an hostile nano off or on
MeHitOtherToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns information about you hitting a target off or on
MissesToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns information about anyone in the proximity missing off or on
MonsterHitMeToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns information about mobs hitting you off or on
OtherHitByNanoToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns information about others in the proximity getting hit by hostile nanos off or on
OtherHitOtherToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns information about others in the proximity hitting each other off or on
PlayerHitMeToChat 1/0 Instantly Turns information about players hitting you off or on

As you can see, setting a lot of these options to 0 will reduce your battlespam quite a lot, and make it easier to follow up in teamchat - it might also be wise if you find yourself in large-scale PvP situations to turn some of these options off in order to listen to what others are saying. As for a general tip, we have MeHealedToChat, MeHitByNanoToChat and PlayerHitMeToChat activated. These settings provide a nice middlegrounds for most people. Doctors being the exception where it can be nice to see who is getting hit by whom, and so on.

So why make all this fuss over options that you could just set before relogging every time? Well, like I mentioned before, I'm pretty into screenshots, and changing the visual options depending on the way I play the game, so that is one area where I really have started using these options. We compiled four scripts which you can download here. They work like this :

Command Description
/vis1 Turns Visual Effects and Texture Quality options to High Settings
/vis2 Turns Visual Effects and Texture Quality options to Low Settings
/vispvp Activates the Chat-Feedback for PvP
/vispvm Activates the Chat-Feedback for PvM

Final Word
There are more commands out there, but those are commands that we either feel are too specialized for inclusions in this guide, outdated, or simply commands that we have no idea what they do and wouldn't want to post them here in fear of rampaging atroxes starting to jump out of our ears. If you find any more commands - please don't hesitate to tell us about them and their use!

Last updated 23. January 2003