Game Tech: Voice Packs
  Tired of listening to the same voices over and over again? Well, there is a way you can make your own voices, or why not download some of the voicepacks that already exists for the game - we'll show you the how's and where's of Anarchy Online's voice-features!      
The ability of customizing your own voicepacks came in Notum Wars and has spawned a few really nice voice-additions which you can use when you play the game. The standard Voice-commands in Anarchy Online are quite few. In fact, there are only 6 phrases you can use;

/voice Yes
/voice No
/voice Heal
/voice Inc
/voice Help
/voice Run

There are four sets of voices for each breed, and two gender-specific voices for each; Simple, Military, Cool and Distinguished, however a completely free choice is not possible, which severely limits the customization of your character.

If the original voices don't suit your style, you have the option of downloading additional voicepacks, or why not make your own ones? In this guide, we'll show you how to create your own voicepacks to use in Anarchy Online. It takes some tinkering but it's surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it.

Keep in mind that in order for others to hear customized voices, they need to possess the same soundpack as you do, so distributing the voicepack will almost certainly be a must, so to keep the amount of MB down to a minimum try to restrain yourself somewhat.

First of all, you will need a microphone, or a collection of sound-files that you want to use. Next, you'll need a soundediting program. Some of the most popular programs include Goldwave, Audacity and Adobe Audition (formerly known as CoolEdit). Programs tend to cost money so if you want to get away cheap, get the trial-versions or the freeware/shareware versions of the respective programs.

Adobe Audition

Once you've gotten your editor set up, its time to record your sounds. You can save your sound in any .wav format you wish, mono or stereo, however - since size of the voicepack will be an issue for distribution, we highly recommend that you save them out in Mono. Anarchy Online's regular sounds are recorded in 4bit mono at 44khz as a reference.

Now that you've recorded your sound, save it to your AO\cd_image\sound\sfx\player\ folder. You'll notice that this folder contains both .wav files and .txt files - and the next step for us is to edit the text-files.

The format of the files are as follows: breed_gender_style_phrase_01.wav - for instance, take one that Twicer uses when a backyard leet attacks him:


In order for set your file up so it plays when the proper breed/gender combination is marked, you will need to follow that template. In the case of atroxes, the gender is "male" much to the delight of many atroxes out there we're sure.

However - you don't need to expand on the existing packages. You can indeed rename your file to whatever you please but keep the _01.wav part or Anarchy Online will give you the error message "You do not have that voice file installed."

Lets say that you created a file called "hellothere_01.wav" - you'll now need to create a corresponding text-file called "hellothere_01.txt" in the same folder. The text-file will be printed out to the channel you are talking in when you execute the voice-command. Usually, to keep things consistent, the text-file contains the same phrase as can be heard in the soundfile.

With both our .txt file and .wav file set up, you can now execute the voicecommand by using the command

/voice hellothere

If you tied your voice to a specific breed/gender/style combination, you will need to check this on the appropriate breed. If you made a generic template, it should be heard regardless of your breed/gender/style of choice.

Like mentioned before, you will need to distribute the voicepack in order for others to hear your sounds and many orgs have made their own Soundpacks. One very nice list of already existing soundpacks can be found on Kuren's AO site, which includes the most popular voicepacks currently out there.

Last updated 31. January 2004