Geography: Bar & Clubs guide
  Wading through blood, guts and muck on endless missions all day and just want to kick back with a dozen XXX-Plumbo Beers for some serious R&R? This should get you going - our guide to clubbing in Rubi-Ka - downloadable from every Infostation.      
Omni-1 Entertainment
The biggest pure nightclub there is, this behemoth of a club captures the essence of the corporate high living in the capital.
The Dancing Atrox
Omni-1 Screening Area
Located among the rough settlements along the outer wall of Omni-1, and obviously catering to the more burly among us.
Neuters 'r Us
Newland City
A crude little bar for the undecided among us, Neuters R' Us in Newland can be found in the heart of the City.
Rompa Bar
Omni-1 Entertainment
Very rarely will you enter Rompa and not find people hanging out - this litte joint is the perfect end of a busy night.
The Happy Rebel
Tir City
The happy rebel looks like a small cosy place, not very inviting to the corporate element though.
Beer 'n Booze
Deep inside the desert wastelands of Mort is the settlement known as Hope. A safe haven for the weary traveller?
Enjoy it While it Lasts
Tir City
A nightclub with an easy and laidback look on life and womens mud-wrestling. Other than that, very plain.
Reet Retreat
Upper Stret West Bank
Besides being conveniently located in the beautiful settlement of West Last Ditch, this is also the largest club on the planet.
The Cup
West Athens
The whole atmosphere and style in The Cup is just so...relaxing, in lack of a better word. Highly recommended.