Geography: Bar & Club guide - Baboons
  Wading through blood, guts and muck on endless missions all day and just want to kick back with a dozen XXX-Plumbo Beers for some serious R&R? This should get you going - our guide to clubbing in Rubi-Ka - downloadable from every Infostation.      
760 x 760, Omni-1 Entertainment

The biggest pure nightclub there is, this behemoth of a club captures the essence of the corporate high living in the capital. Baboons take up almost a full city block and sends it's heavy base rythms far into the streets, day and night.

Complete with a large dance floor, a stage with live DJs, Baboons was the first real place for R&R after planetfall and still going strong. But it doesn't stop there - a large bar area with plenty of seating a bit removed from the noise of the dance floor, a private lounge, and a complement of dancers and bartenders to cater to your every whim.

The style is very smooth and hi-tech, with complements of green plants to whole sets of palm trees, steel girders and concrete, and strobe lights to strengthen the constant techno beats streaming from the large loudspeakers placed all around. There's even a second story construction above the dance floor with additional seating where people can relax while watching the action on the floor.

It's not uncommon to find people of all social ranges here, including the straight up weird folks like a fellow I ran into the other day in the right photo. He only refers to himself as "Dancing Fool" and seems oblivious to anything around him. A shame really as I wanted a chance to ask him a little on the latest Atrox fashion.

Sadly though, Babbons have had trouble lately with all the electrical gadgets causing a disturbance in people's nano-gear and similar, and is loosing customers rapidly. There has been no word from the management on this, but we can only hope they can get it fixed soon as Baboons is the place to be!