Geography: Bar & Club guide - The Cup
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  The Cup
450 x 415, West Athen

If it weren't for the hostility of the employees here when I visited this bar last, this would be my favourite place for a cold beer and break in the tasking travels to the northern deserts. The whole atmosphere and style in The Cup is just so...relaxing, in lack of a better word.

Right next door to the grid point in West Athen, it's very conveniently located and easy to get to for all. While the outside is carrying on the Roman style of West Athen, The Cup's interior is a bit different, with "run down" cellar-like walls that crash completely with the hi-tech and artsy style of the tables and chairs.

Put together in a warm and welcoming atmosphere however, it creates a very unique and relaxing look. Plenty of seating, two fully tended bars and from what I can gather, the best coffee served on the planet.

While you're there and standing in line to grab a cup, be sure to say hi to Coco, the resident caffeine-addict. She can tell you all about the tasty types of coffee they serve, but not much else. Personally, I have never seen someone so strung out on caffeine - then again, if you have to work 27 hours a day like Coco seems to be doing, maybe that is what it takes.