Geography: Landmarks - Exotic & Interesting places
  Rubi-Ka is more than just whacking the occasional leet and doing endless tasks in some dreaded underground complex all day. Join us as we point you in the direction of things and features you would damn yourself in the afterlife for not taking the time to see.      
Medusa Outpost
Eastern Foul Plains
The Lookout Tree
Central Artery Valley
The Enigma House
Central Artery Valley
The Face of Comedy
Greater Tir County
The Face of Tragedy
Notum Tree
The Satellite Dish
Crypt of Home
Broken Shores
The Broken Falls
Broken Shores
Anun Knoll Tree
Versailles Towers
Pleasant Meadows
The Carbon Crystal
Southern Artery Valley
The Eremite Statue
Deep Artery Valley
Galway Castle Model
Galway County
Spaceship Crash Site
Milky Way
Miner Beetles
Pleasant Meadows
Notum Cannons
Temple of the Three Winds
Greater Tir County
The Forestwatch Trees
Southern Fouls Hills

  Got an interesting landmark you want others to see? Send us some coords, and we'll send out our adventurers.