Geography: Landmarks - Exotic & Interesting places
  Rubi-Ka is more than just whacking the occasional leet and doing endless tasks in some dreaded underground complex all day. Join us as we point you in the direction of things and features you would damn yourself in the afterlife for not taking the time to see.      
Crypt of Home
400 x 2250, Broken Shores

At the western edge of Broken Shores lie the Twin Altars known as the Crypt of Home - two stone structures shooting up from the desert, thus earning the name.

A small path struggles here from the nearby City of Home and passes between the two stone structures going on into the deep desert.

A witch by the name of Brenda Diamond resides at the site and seems intent on chanting in verse at all intruders. Though she did not act hostile towards us, she was quite capable of ripping a run amok wardroid in pieces while we guarded her back.

Nowhere near as large as the big pyramid within the City of Home, but still a beautiful site - and one that will be a great target for your next sight-seeing expedition. Assuming you are travelling with an armed escort that is, the area of Broken Shores being rather rich in it's selection of carnivorous creatures.

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